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Zwei L Collection: Luxury Design with a Distinguished Presence

Zwei L combines profundity with inclusive curves and appreciable straight lines for a simple layout made to match various environments.


  The Zwei L Collection 
  Luxury Design with a Distinguished Presence 

The Zwei L collection profoundly combines inclusive curves and clean straight lines for an elegant layout that is made to match various designs. Its mirror polish reflects lights from its surroundings while the satin finish gently absorbs its colors, creating a playful harmony in diverse spaces.
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Compatible with Materials and Textures

Only true craftsmen can control the degree of accuracy required to draw, cut, press, shape and shear metal  to produce sharp designs with soft alluring edges that give Zwei L its sleek, dual-surface appearance. Impressively enough, this collection is compatible with various materials such as
wood, glass, concreate and leather! 



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A variety of luxurious and functional hooks that can be used to hang your coats and designer bags. The rounded and alluring edges provide a soft yet secure surface that is smooth to the touch to help prevent cutting and scratching of delicate textures.

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Handles, Pulls and Knobs

A collection of premium handles and knobs that are fabricated with high-grade 316 stainless steel. These gems are the perfect compliment to high-end architectural and designer doors. Their lustrous satin finish tempt one to believe that they were spun from real silk fibers with a mirror finish that is reminiscent of royal violet rays reflecting on the ocean.
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Functional hardware meets a luxurious design with these 316 stainless steel Zwei L hinges that will last you a lifetime!  With the durability and design to withstand harsh and corrosive environments, these hinges are key staples for high-end outdoor  kitchens.  Learn More