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Windsor Masonic Temple: A Historical and Architectural Gem

Since 1921, the Windsor Masonic Temple has been an Historical and Architectural Gem in the Windsor, Essex, and Detroit Area. As the Temple’s 100 year anniversary approaches, Square & Compass Promotions is excited to promote this beautiful and important gem!

Temple Outside

In 1922, the Windsor Star (then Border Cities Star) described the Temple as:

“[m]odern in every respect and built after plans prepared by J.C. Pennington, Windsor architect [and Mason], the new building is practically complete…It is one of the finest in the country and reflects credit upon the contractors, Muxlow & Gale.” The Windsor Star also noted the “spacious dining hall.” Over the next 100 years, this dining hall would host hundreds of dances, weddings, and social functions.

The ground floor of the temple boasts a banqueting hall 45 by 72 ft. It is handsomely furnished with plaster of paris and can be reached from the main entrance without interfering with work which may be in progress in other parts of the building. The floor will be of polished maple and it is proposed to use the big apartment for dances. It will be available to any organization…[t]he ventilating system is of the latest design and is considered the most efficient in the city.”

Check-out the Windsor Masonic Temple architectural blue-prints in the video below:

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You can also learn more about the Masonic Temple at: www.youtube.com/c/SquareCompassPromotions, hich includes the blue-print link.

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