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Toronto, December 15, 2020 – Oomph Group announced today that it is poised to answer the marketing and business development needs of architects, engineers, planners and interior designers.

“I am so pleased to be back consulting with the industry,” remarks Oomph CEO Johanna Hoffmann. “The competitive landscape for A|E|C firms is evolving, and COVID-19 will now accelerate the trends. A more strategic approach to practice is needed, and our integrated marketing and business development services help firm leaders chart a focused path to grow their firms.”

Let us tell your story

Oomph works to develop unique practice identities that leverage strengths and set firms apart from their competitors and aligns the brand positions with target markets, BD plans and activities. “We help firms define their competitive story and identify their audiences, and we help them tell their story in memorable campaigns that enhance awareness and create opportunities to meet prospective clients, adds Hoffmann.”

To deliver strategic brand positioning and BD plans along with inventive tactics and executions, Oomph has gathered a team with deep experience marketing and selling a broad range of professional services, coupled with senior advertising and marketing talent and creativity.

Oomph’s professional services leaders belong to the first generation of business support managers at global architecture, engineering and specialty design firms, at the accounting Big Four, and at Bay Street law firms, where they dealt with globalization, supply chain and digital disruptions, and where they established foundational marketing and BD systems.

The creative team comes from global advertising leaders, consumer goods companies and renowned artists. Their portfolio includes creative and marketing campaigns for Absolut Vodka, American Express, Brita, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford, Hard Rock Café, Hydro-Quebec, Lexus, M&M/Mars, Novartis, President’s Choice, Samsung, SodaStream, Toyota, Uncle Ben’s Volkswagen, Western Union, Xerox and Zellers.

Why now?

“Today we are dealing with an unprecedented array of challenges, and designers are at the forefront of the search for answers. The solutions that will create more accessible and equitable cities with plentiful transit, public amenities, affordable housing, sustainable buildings and renewable energy solutions will all come from design studios. Helping firms become more competitive and thrive is the best possible contribution we can make,” says Hoffmann.

About Oomph Group Inc.

Oomph helps architects, engineers, planners and interior designers tell their stories through integrated marketing and business development plans and campaigns. A team of senior leaders with deep experience marketing and selling professional services and the world’s greatest consumer brands, Oomph helps A|E|C designers find market success in North and South America, Asia and the MENA Region through insightful strategies and inventive tactics and executions that bring their stories to life.

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