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Unique Sliding Door Systems

Sugatsune has multiple systems for unique door applications.

Sugatsune combines design and functionality in unique sliding door systems to suit your application needs. With multiple unique solutions that vary from supporting a door weight up to 660 lbs to flush sliding door systems, we have a sliding door system for you!

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Designed to close flush with its surrounding walls, this sliding door system provides a clean look. The unique movement features a two way damper to avoid slamming at opening and closing. With 100,000 open and close cycles tests, the MFU1200 has an excellent performance. Additionally, tt is reliable and fully adjustable. Door weight capacity:

  • MFU1200-40: Up to 88 lbs
  • MFU1200-70: Up to 154 lbs

Max. recommended door height: 106-5/16″


This self-closing door system does not require electricity and is equipped with a damper that allows for a smooth and soft closing, which eliminates the door from slamming shut. A door catch is included to hold the door in a fully opened position.

Door weight capacity: From 66 to 176 lbs

*Model LM-80G is available for glass doors with upper aluminum fascia included.

These heavy duty systems have a quiet and precise movement, due to their double rollers with ball bearing. Short brackets are available to offer a wall mount installation of the upper track (barn door style). Surface or recessed mount door brackets are available in each set to screw fix or router into the door, as preferred. 

Door weight capacity: Up to 275 lbs
Min door width: 19-11/16″

Door weight capacity: Up to 660 lbs
Min door with: 23-5/8″

LIN-X Series

The LIN-X series is a lateral door system that allows for a minimal opening radius at the front of the door. 

For more information regarding the LIN-X series, please read our full campaign on the system here.


These synchronized bi-parting systems have a quiet and precise movement, due to their double ball-bearing rollers. Aluminum fascia or wall mount brackets are available for surface mounting.

Weight capacity: Up to 176 lbs (per door)
Door width: 

  • For 88 lbs door: Min. 28-1/8″ – Max. 59-1/16″
  • For 176 lbs door: Min. 36″ – Max. 59-1/16″
Door weight capacity: Up to 275 lbs
Door with: Min. 23-5/8″ – Max. 47-1/4″

Door Straighteners

Door straighteners prevent doors from bending or fixed warped doors caused by heat and humidity. Sugatsune offers 3 types of door straighteners:

  • Concealed straighteners
  • Recessed straighteners
  • “Retrofit’ straighteners

Concealed and recessed straighteners do not have to travel the whole length of a sliding door, only the top 2/3. A “Retrofit” straightener should travel along the whole length of the door and be used in pairs.



Recessed straighteners are to be mounted onto the face of a door, and can be easily adjusted from either the top edge or the back face of the door.




Concealed straighteners are mounted into the door at the time of manufacturing, under the laminate and can be adjusted from the top edge of the door. 



Retrofit straighteners are installed post-production, on the back of an existing door and can be adjusted from the top edge of the door.