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The Office Of The Future: Re-imagining Workplace Design With Glass Walls

Re-thinking The Workplace For The Future

What do you imagine the future of the office to look like? Fully ergonomic workspaces? Switching up the typical 9-5 workday to include more breaks or increased levels of flexibility? More remote positions and less time in the office? The integration of advanced technologies such as AI and 5G networks? The possibilities seem endless when it comes to re-imagining the office of today.

Traditionally, offices were designed more for functionality rather than how they can work for employees. Today, this idea has changed. The model of working under supervisors in a controlled environment has transformed into collaborative work styles within purposeful spaces. Intentional thought is put into designing spaces where employees can thrive through collaboration and engagement with one another. It is commonly known today that employees are more productive, and that creative and innovative ideas can come to fruition more seamlessly within this type of environment.

The office of the future however, is simply not a concept that only consists of how we imagine offices to look like in the years ahead. The office of the future however is an ongoing process of transition and innovation that dives into how offices have been running in the past and present, in addition to how we can effectively maximize yet maintain balance in the workplace. Health, safety and wellbeing are important considerations that are being taken into account within spaces, policies and planning.

As it has become a long-term goal for organizations to revamp their environments and revolutionize their operations for a new future, organizations must move forward with re-thinking their office spaces and designing them to accommodate a modern way of working. Before implementing new policies however, the design of workplaces must be in a suitable condition that compliments this new way of working.

The design of new-age workplaces is the key to creating an evolving office experience that boosts employee morale, reduces stress, heightens productivity and encourages teamwork. One of the best design solutions that can be implemented amongst all offices of the future is the integration of glass wall systems.

Glass wall systems offer a comprehensive single solution to many of the needs that office space planning requires. Glass walls provide high performance for sound control when required for meeting rooms and single offices, maintaining an open environment, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages transparency and collaboration. Glass walls make the perfect starting point or end off to completing an office of the future that will stand the test of time, keeping the spaces organized and safely distanced.

Glass Walls Re-Shaping The Workplace For The Future

So how exactly can glass walls elevate office design but also assist in workplace processes? The sheer flexibility that glass walls offer can suit a number of needs that the offices of the future require.

“Flat” Work Styles

“Flat” work styles have become more popular, involving multiple people sitting at a single table at a safe distance, typically within meeting rooms and interactive group spaces. This style allows for more socialization and interaction between supervisors and employees, but can be difficult to keep organized, especially when an office incorporates a number of “flat” workspaces. Installing glass walls and glass door systems around these spaces is an effective way of keeping offices and “flat” workspaces organized and open. Glass walls provide both a functional and a natural ambiance, as they allow for sufficient separation and privacy between offices while also maintaining an “open concept,” interactive space due to their transparency. Glass walls also allow for improved lighting throughout the workplace and “flat” work spaces, providing an open and airy feel that directly improves the wellbeing of employees.

Collaborative Work Styles 

Complementing the “flat” work style, working collaboratively benefits both employees and organizations as innovative and creative ideas are more likely to be produced when teams can resolve a challenge together. While this style of work is effective, there are limitations as it is necessary to keep safe distancing measures in place, placing the health of each employee first. Glass walls surrounding collaborative spaces provide a much-needed solution to this issue as they keep spaces open for a cooperative environment while ensuring health and safety protocols are kept intact. Glass walls provide clarity and allow supervisors to determine how many people can safely coexist within a particular space; room occupancy challenges will become much more easily managed with the implementation of glass wall systems. The transparency and durability that glass walls provide are an absolute essential to keeping up a successful collaborative environment as they ensure team members are able to interact and exchange ideas freely, while maintaining safe distancing as needed.

Open Office Environments

As mentioned prior, open office environments are extremely important as open offices facilitate more conversation between co-workers, supervisors can interact more easily with their employees, and are typically more dynamic as they offer more space and lighting. Glass walls keep spaces comfortable and invigorating in these ways as they integrate each part of the office together in unison.

There is no better time than now to implement these changes and create your office of the future. PC350 architectural solutions is North America’s premier provider of glass wall partitions that are functional, adapt easily for a variety of glass types and thicknesses, offer high acoustical performance and are aesthetically pleasing.

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