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The Look of Natural Metals Without Tarnish, Discoloration or Rust

PAC-CLAD Ore Finishes provide a durable, affordable PVDF finish option as an alternative to expensive, unpredictable natural metals.

Blending architectural metals with other natural materials is a hot trend in building design, reflecting a growing desire for healthier, greener structures and spaces. Features such as living walls, abundant natural light and organic materials are highly sought after by clients across the globe — yet working with metals that don’t age well can create significant issues. 

One favoured alternative among many architects: metal cladding and roofing systems offered by Petersen. The company offers a wide palette of Ore finishes that deliver the rich patina of natural metals without the tarnish and oxidation that can mar the look of buildings over time, and even lead to costly structural damage.

Ore finishes from PAC-CLAD come in a full range of intriguing tones, from onyx, green zinc and titanium to tiger’s eye. Aluminum and steel panels coated in these finishes are an optimal choice for creating clean, elegant, sustainable structures of all kinds, from high-rise buildings to elegant private residences.PAC-CLAD Ore finishes are achieved with Fluropon® 70% PVDF coatings made with Kynar 500® resin, backed by an outstanding non-prorated warranty against chipping, chalking, peeling and fading. 

Versatility, Beauty and the Strength to Endure Tough Weather Conditions

Ore finishes can be applied to all PAC-CLAD wall and roofing system panels, and coil and flat sheet. Made from top-grade aluminum and steel, PAC-CLAD products are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Roofing systems are complemented by ColorGard® snow retention systems that prevent dangerous avalanches while assuring an exact colour match for a crisp, aesthetically pleasing roof line. 

Ore finishes are available by special order, so designers may wish to consult a local PAC-CLAD representative to confirm project specifications and scheduling requirements. Petersen’s online colour chart provides greater detail on ore finish options and specifications, as well as their wide range of other finishes including brilliant metallics and sophisticated wood grains. Many colours meet LEED requirements and are Cool Roof-rated, and all finishes are backed by an outstanding non-prorated finish warranty.

About PAC-CLAD | Petersen

PAC-CLAD | Petersen, a Carlisle Company, manufactures architectural metal products for virtually every residential and commercial building need. PAC-CLAD brand metal cladding systems include hidden- and exposed-fastener metal wall panels, standing-seam roof panels, flush panels, soffit panels, perforated metal, fascia and coping systems, composite panels and column covers, along with coil and flat sheet materials. Petersen was founded in 1965 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and now operates fabrication plants in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Arizona and Washington State. Our manufacturing plants and large network of PAC-CLAD representatives serve architects and installers across the U.S. and Canada.

To learn more about Ore finishes, visit, call 800-PAC-CLAD or email [email protected]. You can find your local PAC-CLAD representative here, or click to schedule a virtual meeting with one of our architectural metal experts.