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THE LAD Series: Where Power Assist meets Soft-Close

Our LAD Assist Damper Series features Sugatsune’s patented Lapcon technology with a spring mechanism that assists in lifting and soft-closing panels to eliminate lids and countertops from slamming shut on hands and fingers!


THE LAD Series
    Where Power Assist meets Soft-Close  

Our LAD Assist Damper Series features Sugatsune’s patented Lapcon technology with a spring mechanism that assists in lifting and soft-closing panels to eliminate lids and countertops from slamming shut on hands and fingers!

LADH Heavy Duty Damper

Our LADH features a lift-assist function with a stopper that holds counters open at 95° and a soft-close damper that engages at low angles. One damper can support lids with a max torque of 442 lbs. inch (approx- 37lbs) and can be retrofitted to existing counters to safely manipulate heavy countertops with ease.
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LAD-ST Damper

Our LAD-ST standard series features the same lift assist and soft closing functions found in the LADH. Suited for light-to-medium weight applications this range of LAD dampers are Ideal for counter flaps often found in bars, restaurants, receptions and commercial spaces.
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EB Foldable Bracket

Our EB-Foldable Bracket is a functional space saving solution that has the ability to sustain a load of  200lbs. It’s compact and durable design makes it possible for individuals merchants and restaurants to create unique floating countertops and working stations.

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The LADH lift-assist feature helps users with limited mobility to safely lift heavy countertops with ease and includes a soft-close function that prevents counter tops from slamming shut!