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The Importance of Keeping a Heritage Property/Building

Prof. William Moore Describes the Beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple, and discusses the Importance of Organizations Keeping its Heritage Properties

The connection between an organization and its buildings is perhaps no better demonstrated than in Freemasonry. In almost every city and town, Masonic Temples represent not only Masonic Homes, but a Community and Cultural Landmarks.

This connection is especially evident in the history of the Windsor Masonic Temple, a Windsor, ON landmark that is a vital part of the region’s history.

In January 1922, (at the Windsor Masonic Temple’s Grand Opening), the Masonic Grand Lodge stated:

“Everyman is the better for a home.

[Who] does not feel a thrill as he crosses his own threshold.

The same is true of the Masonic Order.

I am sure every Mason will feel he is a better Mason because of what he has done towards making this Temple a reality.”

Over the last several years, many Fraternal and community organizations have lost their heritage building; causing harm to both the organizations and the larger communities they serve.

Square & Compass discussed with Prof. William Moore of Boston University both the beautiful Masonic Temple, and why he views such buildings as vital to fraternal and community organizations.

Square & Compass has combined Prof. Moore’s comments with images of/from the Windsor Masonic Temple, which you can view here.

West Elevation Windsor Masonic Temple
West Elevation of the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple

Prof. Moore’s full interview is available via both YouTube and Podbean.

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