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The Canadian Museum of Architecture seeks the services of a consulting architect

The Canadian Museum of Architecture, an incipient organization, seeks the services of a consulting architect to advise on the generation of content for an exhibit on the Nature of Architecture. For further information please visit

The assignment, located in Toronto, is expected to require between 50 and 100 consulting hours, working with museum staff. It is likely that more than one consultant will be engaged. The work will commence with an exhibition brief and is anticipated to be carried out over approximately four months on a part time basis and meetings are to be arranged for mutually convenient times.


  • A degree in architecture (an Ontario license is not a requirement)
  • Knowledge of architecture in its broad context
  • Preferably engaged in the practice of architecture
  • Previous experience in display design an asset
  • An innovative approach
  • Skill in explaining complex issues simply
  • Superior English verbal and written communication skills


Though architecture affects us all, museums of architecture are rare. The purpose of this one is to explain architecture to the general public, illustrate how the built environment comes about and describe the role of architecture in our societal, scientific and esthetic environment.

Establishing the Museum is a long term undertaking that will take place in an evolving world where the functions of cultural institutions are changing. The current requirement is to design and construct the initial exhibit and the following process is proposed:

  • Generate a plan with a theme and narrative
  • Undertake research
  • Determine method of presentation
  • Assemble artifacts, diagrams, photographs
  • Specify computerized components
  • Devise narrative text

The rapid evolution of technology, the need to respond to climate change and the public desire for more sophisticated living and working environments call for an innovative approach to the design and execution of the exhibit.

This is an opportunity to participate in the creation of a new institution that is intended to play an educational role in the processes that shape society and the milieu in which we live. Though the task is unlikely to be easy, it is certain to be interesting and rewarding.


An honorarium in the order of $25 per hour may be payable as arranged, based either on the number of hours expended or a defined task.


If you are qualified and interested, please forward a letter briefly explaining your interest together with a curriculum vitae to Canadian Museum of Architecture at [email protected]