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Teknion’s Toronto Collaboration Hub Reinvents the Showroom Experience

Expanded Toronto showroom invites visitors to experience diverse work scenarios in a setting that fuses human-centric and biophilic design with a dynamic, social ambiance

Teknion Corporation today announced the opening of its redesigned Collaboration Hub, expanded to approximately 19,000 square feet (1765m²) on the 20th floor of the Bremner Tower in downtown Toronto.

“The Hub is a window into the future of the workplace,” said David Patterson, President, Canadian Sales. “Teknion has created a destination that embraces current and still-evolving work strategies, one that allows guests to feel comfortable and inspired as they experience various workstyles firsthand − focused, collaborative or social. The Hub also speaks to well-being and productivity through biophilic elements woven throughout the showroom. Our new space really elevates the client experience.”

Across the showroom, three distinct areas demonstrate creative approaches to planning for diverse styles of work. Each has a unique look and feel, a unique color palette and materiality. The Astute area is designed to support focused, heads-down tasks with slightly higher privacy barriers. Fabrics and finishes in muted tones, along with subdued lighting, endow the space with a calm, quiet quality.

Primed for both individual and team-based work, the Aligned area is animated by a fresh, light color palette.  Benching and team-oriented individual workspaces, together with Studio TK soft seating and casual tables create a multi-faceted space for personal tasks, impromptu meetings or a relaxed social gathering.

Agile − the newest area − is open, fluid and community-based. Worktables and furnishings can be moved about freely to demonstrate the concept of agility in a workspace. Floor-to-ceiling Luum Textiles draperies emphasize the 11-foot (3.35m) height of the space and are used to control light, divide space and enhance presentations. Biophilic design elements include floor-to-ceiling windows that admit a plenitude of natural light and permit vistas of the urban landscape and Lake Ontario. Custom overhead lighting simulates sunlight in a floating, glass-enclosed conference room, the Aquarium. Warm wood cladding, wood accents and flooring allow guests to appreciate the patterns and textures of natural materials.

“Our expanded Hub brings to life a more creative, interesting and humane view of work,” notes Pamela Mason, Director, Canadian Marketing. “It’s a hospitable space designed to anticipate and accommodate the needs of our clients and industry partners − and has become a popular destination that guests use in various ways. There is a café for refreshment, meeting rooms for intensive work and a gathering space furnished with big modular sofas for personal comfort. The new space enables customers to experience in real time how Teknion can help address all that people need and work demands.”

Vanderbyl Design and PearsonLloyd acted as Collaboration Hub design consultants, with the former serving as lead designer.

“The showroom does more than display furniture − as important as that may be,” adds Michael Vanderbyl.  “Our intent was to create a space that is experienced not only visually, but also viscerally. The design speaks to the intellect and to emotion. Ideas are visible and felt. Every element conspires to manifest the Teknion philosophy: The true measure of a space is how it makes us feel. The showroom succeeds by realizing the insight and intelligence of that human-centered concept.”

The space showcases the Teknion, Studio TK and Luum Textiles family of brands. Each is represented in a distinctive way that aligns with the design philosophy of the individual company.

Located on the 20th floor of the LEED Gold Bremner Tower at 120 Bremner Boulevard, the showroom is LEED Gold and WELL Silver certified. Teknion is actively working towards achieving higher certification, maintaining its commitment to sustainability.