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Stories Contained in Brick & Mortar: The Windsor Masonic Temple

Built in 1921, for 100 years the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple has remained for the people of Windsor and Essex a place of friendship, fellowship, brotherhood, and community.

2021 marks the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple’s centennial year! To honour this milestone, Square & Compass published an article outlining the Temple’s stories and documenting its unique architectural features.

See below for a selection from the article.

“Since 1854 (and in Essex County since 1804). At the start of the 20th century, Masons recognized the need for a first-class Masonic and Community home. In 1913, Masons purchased the land on which the Masonic Temple sits.”

You can find the full article at, or by clicking on the enclosed picture. To mark its centennial year, throughout 2021 the Windsor Masonic Temple will engage in numerous promotions.

Windsor Masonic Temple West Elevation

This article is one such promotion. Collecting the stories of the men and women who have created memories and moments within the Masonic Temple was a true honour.

Square & Compass is also facilitating virtual tours, creating  Windsor Masonic Temple scale-models, and engaging in historical presentations. Contact Square & Compass for more information.

The Windsor Masonic Temple is more than a Masonic Temple. It is a Masonic Home. It is a Community Home. It is worth celebrating. Its stories are worth publishing…and knowing!