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Now that we must remain at home is the perfect time to think about changes to our houses. There are many choices to keep in mind when we decide to remodel a home, and one of the most important is the quality of the materials.  Due to the infinite possibilities, ceramic tile offers the perfect combination of quality, versatility, and design.

Ceramic tile is solid and sustainable:  does not emit noxious substances, is fire-resistant, is long-lasting and maintains its look through the passing of time.  In addition, it is one of the most healthy materials, thanks to its low porosity, moisture-resistance, ability to repel dirt and avoid mold and germ build-up.

Emotion, Mario (60 x 120 cm). Download

We can use ceramic tile anywhere in the home. The vast array of ceramic floor and wall tiles allows us to personalize our space as we see fit.  Before committing to a renovation, we must keep in mind a series of aspects in order to make the best decisions.

Measure the Light

Ceramic tiles take advantage everything light has to offer: intensity, direction, quality and colour, contributing to give spaces greater prominence, accentuating its beauty, and giving us a sense of comfort.                                           Alaplana, Meriadoc (23 x 120 cm) Download

Experiment with color

Before committing to a chromatic combination, we should visualize the results we are looking for, picking the shades that would best adapt to our needs or are able to highlight the style we wish to give a space.

 Harmony, Sahn (10 x 10 cm)   Download

Metropol, Capitol (30 x 90 cm)   Download

Playing with reliefs

A ceramic tile with reliefs can become a decisive element when we want to generate sensations.  The visual effects provided by reliefs allows for movement.  Additionally, reliefs go very well when paired with plain colors, making spaces unique.

Cevica, Antic (13 x 13 cm)   Download

Colorker Native (90 x 90 cm)   Download

Exploring with new formats

Ceramic tiles offer infinite formats: hexagonal, picket style, trapeze, rhombus, or fish scales, are only a few possibilities.  The combination of different formats allows us to create personal options thanks to the variety in colour, or the installation style.

Decocer, Austin (20 x 20 cm)   DownloadNatucer, Convex (5 x 25 cm)   Download

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