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Square & Compass Promotions Launches Website

With the launch of the Square & Compass website, we are able to provide more responsive services.

In September 2020, Square & Compass launched its website. With this website, Square & Compass will be able to provide a more responsive and interactive experience to its audience.

Square & Compass is dedicated to promoting Masonry (and the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple) in a professional and dedicated manner. The website, developed by Digital Media, will allow Square & Compass to increase its promotional efforts. Learn more about the website’s development here.

The beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple is a historical and architectural treasure. Square & Compass often features the architectural and interior designs of Masonic Temples, modern and historical.

Square & Compass Logo

Square & Compass shares this information via its website, and also PodBean, and Spotify (with more platforms coming soon). Square &Compass is also on Patreon.

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