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Square & Compass Promotions & Detroit Historical Society offering Virtual Windsor Masonic Temple Tours

Square & Compass Promotions is proud to partner with the Detroit Historical Society, to offer virtual, interactive tours of the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple; a historical, architectural, and Masonic gem!

The Windsor Masonic Temple is a historical and architectural gem, and a vital part of the history of Windsor, Essex, Detroit, and Southern Ontario.

2021 marks its 100 year anniversary!

While (at present) the Temple cannot host in-person tours, virtual tours provide patrons with the opportunity to tour this architectural gem from the comfort of their own homes.

Tickets go on sale Jan 11th for Detroit Historical Society Members, and Jan 12th, 2021 for the general public. Tours are Jan 16th (5pm) and Feb 13th, 2021 (5pm). Get tickets here!

Front Elevation of Windsor Masonic Temple
Front elevation of Windsor Masonic Temple; click on picture for virtual tour tickets!

Square & Compass is also facilitating special tours through the Detroit Historical Society’s Educational Programs’ Department, for care-home residents and/or seniors. Learn more about these special tours here.

Square & Compass is happy to work with your organization(s), to book your own virtual tour. For architects and heritage professionals, Square & Compass can provide for professional development hours proof of attendance. Contact at: [email protected].

Throughout 2021, Square & Compass Promotions will be posting content related to the history of the Windsor Masonic Temple, and connecting with Windsor’s City Hall, to ensure this architectural gem receives recognition for 100 years of amazing community service!