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Samsung redefines luxury with The Wall


From luxurious private rooms to high-end commercial spaces, such as retail stores and hotel lobbies, distinctive digital displays with stunning visuals build up a sense of luxury through an immersive viewing experience. Building on design and industry trends, The Wall from Samsung is a technological masterpiece with the ability to command attention for industry-leading businesses and to bestow an outstanding in-home viewing experience on luxury homeowners.

The Wall from Samsung is award-winning visual technology driven by innovation[1]. A modular form factor allows The Wall’s size, shape and ratio to be customized to your spatial and aesthetic needs[2]. Whether it’s a spacious lobby in a commercial building, a private theatre or an home art gallery, The Wall fuels creative freedom to design the space.

The technology of the micro LED panels that form The Wall offer deeper blacks and vibrant colours for an awe-inspiring visual experience. Thus, your visuals can express refined, immaculate details, suited for the screen size and ratio[3].

Meanwhile, intuitive features allow this adaptive digital canvas to switch roles from showcasing visual entertainment, such as movies, to decorating its surroundings. The Wall seamlessly blends into its environment with a slim, nearly bezel-less design and allows you to see what you want to see[4].

Ambient Mode[5] transforms the display into an art wall, with featured frame-on-wall templates, moving décor pieces, specially curated art pieces, your own personal image collection and more. Furthermore, The Wall comes with optional frames that give it a refined, subtle-but-sleek finish that can be customized to reflect the design elements of any room.

The Wall provides a total display solution for business. For example, with commercial lobbies often acting as the face for many businesses, The Wall becomes an interior designer’s dream as a digital canvas that becomes a malleable feature wall. Additionally, The Wall can act as the definitive centerpiece for the boardroom, allowing you to push boundaries and illuminate your values in profound ways for a lasting impression. Moreover, with Samsung’s MagicINFO solution[6], The Wall provides device and content management capabilities for convenient access and operation.

For the luxury home, The Wall synchronizes harmoniously with various elements to form an outstanding entertainment system, including compatible audio and home automation, while also providing diverse content options. A super-sized bespoke display, The Wall can be built to your own specifications and made-to-measure for your space. Whether a luxury room, private home cinema or art gallery wall, it can significantly improve your experience while blending in with your décor, acting as an extension of your own personal style.

As technology continues to integrate into the world of design, today’s innovations are transforming the definition of luxury. The Wall provides high-end design solutions for the business or the home. To learn more about The Wall, experience Samsung’s virtual showroom.

 This content was published on behalf of Samsung Canada. If you are interested in speaking directly with a Samsung Canada representative, please contact [email protected].

[1] In 2019, Samsung was awarded Display of the Year from the Society for Information Display (SID) for The Wall.
[2] For any customized display outside the 16:9 or 21:9 aspect ratio, content must be set manually to the configuration of the screen to properly fit the display as shown in the simulated images.
[3] Utilizing unique 8K AI Upscaling technology, the display intelligently upscales any content from a lower resolution to near 8K resolution.

[4] Some features require a compatible tablet remote, provided by a 3rd party, to operate. The user interface shown may not operate in certain aspect ratios.
[5] Customization is only available for the IWR Series and must be provided by a third party.
[6] Software sold separately.