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Reach for the Top: SRT™ In-line Sliding Solutions Boost Aesthetics and Cut Construction Costs

There’s no doubt that sliding glass wall systems make a strong statement. Very often that statement is simply “Wow!”

You can create stunning architectural designs by using a sliding glass door system. Whatever type of layout you wish to have in a corporate space, glass partition walls and doors will lend an air of sophistication to your office interiors, making them more appealing to clients from all industries and market sectors.

Architectural glass walls provide numerous benefits, including maximization of space and the greatest infiltration of light from outside or central areas, promoting transparency for the workstations and corporate offices. They can also be used to define spaces and provide privacy, while still allowing your design to maintain a spacious, airy feel.

Sliding glass door systems offer unique and bold designs but many of these systems require hardware and tracks to be installed in the floor. This increases expenses and can cause unforeseen delays.

The SRT™ In-line sliding doors from PC350 were specifically developed to overcome this disadvantage, while offering aesthetics as good or better than other options. Our SRT™ In-line sliders use a trackless system that suspends from the ceiling. This centre top hung in-line solution is completely self-supporting, offering a maximum of 5/16” beyond the full composition of the wall. PC350 provides a wide variety of valances to cover the track and rollers to enhance your designs.

One of the advantages of this system is that nothing needs to be done to the floor during installation. There’s no need for additional support construction as the system supports itself. This means no need to dig into the floor, rip up carpets, or cut into existing walls. This trackless system ensures that all installations are as trouble-free as possible. Our profiles integrate well with conventional construction, making them simple to install while offering durability and flexibility.

This innovative trackless system can certainly save on installation costs, but more importantly it opens up new design possibilities. Typically, sliding glass doors must be surface mounted onto a wall. Creating additional natural light above the door in this situation would require cutting into the drywall or solid wall above. Even then, you’re going to have an unsightly interruption. Not so with the SRT™ In-line sliding doors! The SRT™ In-line sliding doors can easily accommodate additional aesthetics. There’s a nearly infinite number of design possibilities available, including adding glass transoms above the door and the adjoining glass walls. Our SRT™ In-line sliding doors adapt easily to a variety of PC350’s line of glass walls, increasing versatility and offering more aesthetic options.

We should pause for a moment to discuss terminology. Throughout the industry, all sliding doors are typically referred to as “barn doors.” The SRT™ sliding door systems from PC350 are split into two distinct categories. The first, and most popular, is our selection of in-line sliders. The SRT™ line also includes a more traditional barn door application, to be used when the door must slide over an existing wall and/or fit into smaller spaces. This ensures you have the options available to make the design really stand out, even when you cannot take advantage of the self-supporting trackless system used by the SRT™ In-line sliding doors. A large project may involve hundreds of our sliding glass doors. The SRT™ Barn door solution easily mounts to a variety of surfaces, offering flexibility in spaces with limited walk-through areas.

Both the in-line and traditional barn doors can be hung on the corridor side or on the inside of the interior space. This provides you greater flexibility in design and ensures you can always maximize corporate office real estate.

Even the hardware is built with versatility and flexibility in mind. While glass walls and sliding doors offer great aesthetics, including locks in the design, this can significantly increase costs. The SRT™ In-line door system offers a more cost-effective approach by offering a door locking mechanism that is installed directly on the door itself and locks into the adjoining wall. This solution offers your customer a cost-savings lockable door option as well as enhancing the aesthetics of the contemporary design.

In addition, the elegant Soft Close and Open SRT™ braking system ensures the door always opens and closes smoothly and safely, less stress placed on the door means longevity of the system overall.

SRT™ In-line Sliding Solutions offer you endless options, with the ability to design large openings for meeting multi-person offices, meeting rooms, and other high-traffic areas. Options for these spaces include double and oversized sliding doors as well.

SRT™ In-line sliding doors from PC350 help you to give your clients the modern, sophisticated, and professional look they crave, while simultaneously optimizing the division of space and controlling construction costs. PC350 also offers unparalleled lead times and we’re dedicated to staying with you every step of the way from design to installation.

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