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Protecting Architectural Heritage: Masonic Temples

In November 2020, Square & Compass Promotions spoke with Darrel Babuk of Boreas Architecture & Civic Design, to discuss the importance of protecting and preserving heritage properties, especially as it relates to Masonic Temples.

As Square & Compass Promotions is focused on Freemasonry, the discussion naturally turned to the value of Masonic Temples, both to the membership therein and the community at large.

You can view the interview below.

You can also find the audio on Podbean!

Square & Compass Promotions also divided the interview into clips, focusing on some of the most interesting parts of the interview, such as:

Square & Compass Promotions regularly interviews guests from Masonic Temples, to discuss the unique challenges related to maintaining these Temples, and the unique historical and architectural aspects contained within.

Square & Compass Promotions also featured the original architectural plans of the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple!

Square & Compass was honoured to have Darrel Babuk on its podcast, and looks forward to continuing to explore the history, architecture, and value of our beautiful Masonic Temples.