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Prairie Wood Design Award Winners announced

Celebrating Leaders in Sustainable Design across the Prairies

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Alberta Wood WORKS! is honoured to announce the winners of the Prairie Wood Design Awards 2021 program.  The projects included thoughtful restorations and exceptional new buildings, that showcase our proud heritage of wood construction and create legacies within our communities.

Congratulations to the winners:

    • Métis Crossing Cultural Gathering Centre – Smoky Lake, Alberta
      Manasc Isaac, Edmonton, AB
    • University of Alberta Botanic Garden Welcome Centre – Devon, Alberta
      Manasc Isaac, Edmonton, AB
    • The Confluence – The Summer Village of Waiparous, Alberta
      Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Green Building Technologies
    • Bar U Ranch Work Horse Barn, Longview, Alberta
      1×1 architecture inc., Winnipeg, MB
    • Calgary Central Library- Calgary, AB
      Dialog, Calgary, AB and Snohetta, New York, NY
    • South Haven Centre for Remembrance – Edmonton, Alberta
      Group2 Architects, Calgary, AB, SHAPE Architecture Inc and PECHET studio, Vancouver, BC
    • Maison 9732 – Edmonton, AB
      Ethos Engineering Inc. Edmonton, AB
    • Beacon – Calgary, AB
      5468796 Architecture, Winnipeg, MB

    “This year’s award winners showcase ingenuity and creativity in new construction,” says Rory Koska, Program Director of Alberta Wood WORKS!, “and an affinity for wood by not demolishing buildings but celebrating wood in the restoration of history through engineering and craftsmanship.”

    CLICK HERE (or above) to watch a YouTube video of the winning projects.