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Places of Production: Forest and Factory

“Places of Production: Forest and Factory” is a new publication from the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, in collaboration with the Canadian Wood Council and the WoodSMART Program.

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Working with Element5 and using their factory expansion plans as impetus, students reimagined the traditionally insular factory building and explored how it could be combined with new and innovative programs to ensure a vital future for places of production in the life of local communities.

How to future-proof the factory and ensure that it could have many lives and future uses was an ongoing discussion throughout the studio.

The studio provided an opportunity for Daniels students to explore the critical and relatively untapped relationship between forestry and design. “The forest and the factory are both examples of constructed nature that speak to our contemporary attitudes towards nature and production. Each studio group provided an integrated design response to the studio brief, considering the role of the landscape and built form to develop a bold design solution that explored the role of forestry and design simultaneously,” share Wright and Shim in their introduction.

The publication –– available for free through the Canadian Wood Council’s WoodSMART program website –– provides a platform for further knowledge with accompanying essays from academic and industry experts, as well as the output of the student’s collaborative semester-long research.

“’Places of Production: Forest to Factory’ presents a valuable opportunity to engage the future architects of our built environment,” said Kevin McKinley, President and CEO of the Canadian Wood Council, in his introduction to the publication. “The studio challenged students to harness the strength and sustainability of wood to reimagine what a factory could be in a low-carbon future. The five schemes developed in it exemplify CWC’s vision to be a passionate champion of wood construction for an advanced and sustainable wood culture. We applaud the incredible efforts of the studio and encourage these emerging and innovative designers to be our future voices and advocates of wood construction across Canada, and around the world.”

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