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Ortal: A Continuing Tradition of Luxury Fireplace Innovation

Ortal has always led the luxury fireplace industry in product innovations that changed the way fireplaces have been utilized by by architects and designers, and enjoyed by their clients.

Wilderness Front Facing 31H

The new Ortal 31H features a 31” x 65” vertical profile with an opening that extends to eye level, creating an entirely different visual perspective. It can be specified as a front-facing fireplace with a single-sided view or as a tunnel fireplace. As a tunnel, it provides a through-the-glass line of sight into another part of the room, into another room or to the outdoors. It currently features our exclusive, ultra-realistic Wilderness Collection burner with through-the-log technology and a taller flame that creates the ambiance of a wood-burning fire. It is available with long Driftwood logs and Chopped Wood logs. Internal lighting can be added for an even more dramatic effect.


Curve Tunnel 360 with base and Bordelet Hood

A fireplace provides a gathering space where people meet to connect and communicate. This freestanding unit creates a room centerpiece, providing warmth around its perimeter with advanced safety technology that is unique to Ortal. It harnesses the power of a heat-producing flame while meeting safety standards for commercial and residential applications.


Wilderness Stand Alone 25H TS

Stand Alone models are ideal for either new construction or retrofit projects and can be installed with minimal disruption. They’re an ideal option when it’s not desirable to build a fireplace into a wall because they can be placed nearly flush to the wall (either mounted, on the floor or with decorative base) in nearly any room. This model features the ultra-realistic Wilderness Collection burner, creating the look of a wood-burning fireplace.


Ortal “White-Glove” A&D Consultation Services

Our A&D consultants are committed to partnering with architects and designers in whatever way they need. We offer a world-class experience that is available for free at any point during a project, including:

Virtual or On-site Consultation


Review and Red-Line Drawings


Custom Fireplaces


Product Selection Assistance


We also offer a variety of resources online that you can access any time. Just visit OrtalHeat.com to find the resources and downloads you need.


Luxury Fireplaces with World-Class Support for Architect and Design Professionals