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Now You Can Find Bodaq Interior Finishes in Calgary, AB

Nelcos Distribution Inc., an official distributor of Bodaq Interior Film in North America, is pleased to announce the official opening of its Alberta office and showroom in Calgary

The new showroom will be open for visits at the address – 211 Exploration Ave, SE Calgary. You can schedule a visit by phone at 403-804-2507 or email.

Store front and samples of the film at the showroom of Nelcos in Alberta

Bodaq Interior Film is a self-adhesive stretchable, lightweight, high-quality, sustainable finishing solution. It is an innovative product that offers interior designers a world of options in material choice. It gives residential clients the freedom to refresh their homes without disrupting their lives. After using Bodaq, you will never go back to traditional means of renovation.

About Nelcos Distribution Inc.

Nelcos is an exclusive distributor of Bodaq Interior Film, manufactured by Hyundai L&C corporation in North America. Nelcos began to grow their business in the North American market in 2019.

For those who are interested in joining this venture to spread the new culture in interior design, there are partnership programs available. Nelcos offers a variety of sample kits to experience the product firsthand.

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