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Northgate ClimateFlex Designer Shingles: Wood Shake Looks, All-Weather Performance

On the surface, it may be difficult to distinguish one asphalt roof from another. But residential shingles are not all created equally, or even with the same materials.

When architects specify a residential roofing system, it’s important to select a product that adds to the curb appeal of a home or development, but it’s even more critical to understand the product makeup and performance features to ensure energy efficiency and long-lasting durability.

That’s where roofing systems like CertainTeed NorthGate ClimateFlex®  comes in. These high-performance designer shingles are engineered to offer the beauty and dimensionality of wood shake roofing in the form of a durable, polymer-modified asphalt that can withstand even the most demanding climates.

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The first thing you notice about NorthGate ClimateFlex shingles is their looks: depth and texture that emulate real shake, with all the colors developers and homeowners want, from warm wood tones to earthy grays. But it’s what’s underneath that separates this roofing system from any other product on the market — and what enhances the curb appeal with better performance, longer lifespan, and easier upkeep for property owners.

The secret behind the performance of Northgate ClimateFlex lies in the innovative technologies of its construction. It all starts with rubberizing polymers, which give these shingles Class 4 impact resistance — the highest rating available in the industry — against hail and other weather-related events, as well as protection from ultraviolet light damage and low-temperature durability for enhanced weather endurance in colder climates that make standard shingles stiff and brittle.

Northgate ClimateFlex also features and StreakFighter® copper-infused surface granules, which are engineered to resist algae growth on roofs and the unsightly streaking that comes along with it. QuadraBond® and CertaSeal® adhesive technologies give reliable strength against high wind uplift, moisture infiltration, and shingle delamination.

All the performance factors are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, plus a 15-year, 110MPH wind resistance warranty, which can be upgraded to 130MPH.

With a roofing system like Northgate ClimateFlex designer shingles, architects can deliver residences with beauty and long-lasting durability for homeowners, no matter what the elements present.