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No More Headaches – The FD80 Pocket Door System



The FD80 Pocket Door System  

Sugatsune has created a unique solution for stubborn and tricky pocket doors! Our FD-80 features a two-track system that allows you to gain access to all the interior components without breaking the wall for a headache free installation and adjustments! Never break another wall when making adjustments to your pocket door ever again!

  • Two-Rail System: Allows components to be easily accessed
    without breaking the pocket
  • Built in soft-close and soft-opening damper mechanism
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Options for both Surface Mount and Recessed Mount.
  • High durability, passed 200,000 cycle test
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs per door


Contemporary Design
DSI- Sliding Door Handles 

It’s no surprise that our DSI pull handle series continue to be a popular choice for residential and commercial projects. These sliding door pulls for wooden or glass doors help economize space making them particularly useful for city apartments and bedroom closets, where space is a premium.
Some models now available in NEW Black Finish! 
Edgy and Geometric – Recessed Mounted
The DSI series has a wide range of recessed handles that feature stunning geometric shapes and designs that can be appreciated from the front, back and side of the door. Made with premium 304 stainless steel, these contemporary pieces are sure to last a lifetime!  Explore the Collection

Warp Insurance
Sugatsune Door Straighteners

Door straighteners help prevent doors from bending and warping caused by heat and humidity; pre-installed straighteners can also correct doors experiencing warpage. These door straighteners can be used for swinging doors, sliding doors or lateral opening doors.

Concealed Straighteners:

Are mounted into the face of the door under the laminate
and can be adjusted from the top edge of the door.
Learn More

Recessed Straighteners:

Are mounted onto the face of a door, and can be easily
adjusted from either the top edge or back face of the door. Learn More