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NewTechWood: It’s All in the Details

Jonathan M., Dr. Eng. | Lead Engineer

“We believe we’re at the dawn of a revolution with NewTechWood’s UltraShield wall cladding systems. We’ve taken everything that people love about wood: the richness of its colour, the warmth of its feel and the beautiful look of natural wood, and stripped away all the negative attributes to create the perfect siding product.”

“What we’ve achieved is combining the toughness and longevity of composite wood with the natural beauty of Mother Nature.”


Colours inspired by nature

As Jonathan puts it, Mother Nature has an incredibly diverse colour palette. NewTechWood went the extra miles – plural in this case – to source its multichromatic nuances into the world’s most phenomenal colours. Visit NewTechWood Canada for all siding colours available.

Brazilian Ipe  

Ipe, also called Brazilian walnut and Lapacho, is a dense type of wood found in the Amazon rainforest. Some consider it a threatened species due to a low number of specimens that have been depleted at a rapid pace. According to The Wood Database, “ipe is a wood of extremes: extremely dense and durable, as well as extremely difficult to work.” NewTechWood fell in love with the exquisite blend of trees in South America, Brazil – a rich salmon red base with darker streaks.

Peruvian Teak

The soft, contrasting beige of the sapwood and the bold reddish heartwood that can be found in mature teak trees is the colour that inspired NewTechWood’s Peruvian Teak. A closer look will reveal the tiny dark veins that were also replicated in this blend. Genuine teak wood is enjoyed, among other reasons, for its weather resistance, similar to NewTechWood’s composite wood. However, one would probably not use natural teak indoors as it is known to be an irritant, NewTechWood wood composite siding will be THE alternative to enhance your interior design.

Australian Red Cedar

Resembling teak by its contrasting sapwood and heartwood tones, sanded Australian red cedar is actually rather blond, with hints of pink. Australian Red Cedar-coloured siding is fantastic at producing the modern, minimalist look that is so trendy in Scandinavian houses. Try combining Australian Red Cedar to wall accents, fluted ceilings and soffits in Ebony or Hawaiian Charcoal nuances to stay within the Nordic colour palette.

Hawaiian Charcoal

Designers at NewTechWood actually travelled to Hawaii to study and document volcanic rock. That’s how they arrived at their special Hawaiian Charcoal blend: a fairly matte anthracite with mineral accents. Beyond their organic look, lava rocks showcase great assets: they do not whither and can withstand the growth of algae and mildew – exactly like the composite wood of NewTechWood.


Ebony comes from the heartwood of tropical trees native to Indonesia or – in the case of the species that inspired NewTechWood – Western Africa. NewTechWood’s Ebony mimics African blackwood, considered the world’s hardest wood by the Janka Hardness Test. Its colour is a saturated black tone with very subtle hues. African blackwood is also resistant to warping, another characteristic it shares with NewTechWood’s composite wood.

Complex, multichromatic nuances

Silver Grey is a dark grey, stone-like multichromatic nuance in NewTechWood’s standard colours. This shade falls in the category of “cool greys”, which means that Silver Grey is a black and white blend with hints of blue. NewTechWood’s Antique is a warmer grey that blends in a little yellow. Since the Renaissance, grey has been known to best highlight yellow and gold accents.

As important as the look and feel is, what’s perhaps even more important is the genius behind every material…  


NewTechWood Canada siding comes in two different product categories: all-weather siding (shiplap and gap siding) and castellated cladding boards.

All products are weather resistant meaning that they will, like teak, withstand a great amount of humidity over a long period of time. The design of cladding boards and long shiplap panels features a fully closed rain screen system to help shield a home, cottage or office from the elements. As opposed to teak, NewTechWood composite wood is without question a sustainable material that’s resistant to colour fading. So, in this case, it’s a little bit more like lava rocks. “The system is built with 95% recycled material, including plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibres”, mentions Jonathan, Doctor in Engineering.

Products are also made in a tough elegant material, similar to ipe and ebony. However, building with composite wood is much easier, and will not threaten the world’s natural biodiversity.

NewTechWood composite wood is wood, only at its best.

“We’re really bringing to the market a next-generation material. It makes the functional look amazing, and the beautiful more connected to the world’s actual needs and challenges.”

– Denise Barcia, Marketing Director of NewTechWood Canada

NewTechWood Canada is a subsidiary of NewTechWood Inc. Co-Owners Michael Richard and Daniel Vinet, and their team are bringing Canadians the best alternative to regular wood and the most elegant composite wood products on the market.