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NewTechWood Does It Again! Just look at these colours …

After years of product development with the help of top design experts focus groups NewTechWood introduced Fluted composite siding to the Canadian market in 2018.

To date, they remain leaders in the composite wood industry for their architectural creativity and patented Ultrashield technology. Unlike natural wood and even some of the competing siding products, NewTechWood’s products are incredibly resistant to weather wear, discolouration, mould and even repel insects.

This year they have launched a new colour for their fluted siding product line as well as a new composite wood profile that are really turning heads in the industry!


Cedar is timeless, a true classic which is why NewTechWood felt compelled to make it a standard colour in their product line. As you can see from the photo above, it’s incredibly convincing and if you’re still not a believer you can order a sample of their flagship product Norwegian UH61 from their website. If you look closely, you can see that the light blonde finish has pink and purple undertones just like the real thing.

New Shou Sugi Ban profile – High Definition e-Sample


Inspired by a popular Japanese architecture and landscaping technique where wood is charred to make the wood fire retardant as well as resistant to rot, insects and mould. Albeit NewTechWood products are not charred, they share the same resiliency with a nice dark finish (Ebony colour) but with a longer shelf-life (25 year warranty) and an easier installation process (no wood warping challenges). You may have seen this style of cladding on the west coast in British Columbia or California which is now trending across the country.

Both products replicate natural cedar and are UV-resistant, providing the same great quality cedar does, but with excellent resistance to humidity and the Canadian climate without the need for chemical products. NewTechWood products are safe for indoor use such as in a bathroom, making them a great option both indoors and outdoors.

Best of all, with their modern technology and the use of recycled materials, the company has also made their products environmentally friendly (no fossil fuels with annual 3rd party compliance audits) earning them EPD certified. With their innovative approach and environmentally conscious manufacturing process, it’s no surprise they are leaders in the composite wood industry. The new Cedar colour and Shou Sugi Ban profile have been a hit with homeowners and designers alike… and remember, you can order samples on their website. What’s in store for you this year?