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New Office Specialty website shows storage can be fun and exciting.

New online storefront presents a wide array of storage solutions – some traditional, some not – surrounded by bright colors and beautiful imagery.

The 132-year-old North American storage and filing manufacturer, Office Specialty (OS), recently had a major brand overhaul and is finally ready to show it to the world. Its brand refresh and new website,, launched January 21 to praise within the industry.

“Storage can be fun, storage can be exciting, and we wanted Office Specialty’s new site to reflect that,” says Rebecca Barrett, Product Manager for Office Specialty.

Their brand new online storefront presents a wide array of storage solutions – some traditional, some not – surrounded by bright colors and beautiful imagery. They still offer the classics like LateralsLockers, and Bookcases, but have now added new members to the OS family, like Workbars and dedicated Waste and Recycle units. Visitors can take inspiration from many finish options, including woodgrains, marble, concrete or playful pops of color. Their Nuform Shapes offering also provides more options to craft storage solutions with both style and function.

“Storage is such an important part of our lives but is often overlooked because it feels secondary to design,” says David Gerson, Chief Brand Officer.  “We wanted our website to show how storage is key not only to the overall design but to how people will live and interact with the space.”

OS’s commitment to custom storage pieces echoes their new design-first attitude. “Some might shy away from calling out custom product, but we love to embrace it,” says Barrett, “you are unique, your business is unique, your needs are unique, why should you not have storage that fits your work life perfectly?” From non-traditional configurations to specialty finishes, nearly all the pieces from their current product listing can be modified to match special requirements, and custom pieces appear throughout the site’s imagery. Some of OS’s standout custom inspirations include unique whiteboard fronted lockers, hotelling stations featuring desk-mounted storage and cabinets with hidden drawers.

Office Specialty’s new website is a marker in its long history and a testament to its legacy of leading innovation within the storage industry. “As a business we’ve seen a lot change – not only in design, but also economically and politically,” says Gerson, “I think our longevity roots itself in our willingness to change and adapt. We are always looking for what’s new and different, and our face now reflects that.”

About Office Specialty

Precisely crafted in North America, the exceptional quality of our products has been our focus for over 130 years. We are masters at metalwork, dedicated to craftsmanship, and sourcing only the finest materials to create long-lasting pieces with a straightforward purpose in mind—to help you create a space that you’re most comfortable working in. There’s space for everything here, let us help you find it.[email protected]