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Making a Difference: Lakeshore Lofts Brings Sustainability and Support with Inspiring Designs

Lakeshore Lofts is a unique example of affordable housing and environmental stewardship in Mississauga, Ontario. With a holistic view of the community’s needs, this 68-unit mixed use complex was designed by Invizij Architects Inc and meets the most rigorous Passive House energy standard. The eye-catching design, in inviting cool shades, uplifts the community and inspires us to rethink the possibilities of supportive housing models and low carbon footprint construction.

While function was at the forefront, there was no compromise in design with the help of ALPOLIC metal composite materials (MCM). 25,000 sqft of 4mm ALPOLIC/fr in five stock colors – TLK blue, MBU blue, ABE blue, BNT white, and BGY grey – cascade across the four-story facade as an homage to the waves of Lake Ontario, visible from the 4th floor community space. The MCM, recently tested to meet Canada’s rigorous fire safety standards, were manufactured in an efficient manner designed to minimize waste.  Fabricated by Cladco Limited, these dynamic panels are defined by their bold finishes which are easy to maintain. The colors set the building apart and create a place of pride among its residents.

The first floor of Lakeshore Lofts is home to The Compass Food Bank and Outreach Centre, honored as one of Charity Intelligence’s Top 10 charities in Canada for demonstrating impact. In addition to supplying fully accessible housing and food security, the facilities include counseling services and on-call support for the community’s most vulnerable. Serving those impacted by homelessness, people with physical and mental health challenges, and those in recovery for addiction and substance abuse, the housing and services offered at Lakeshore Lofts provides the most at risk with a sense of belonging.

The residents of Lakeshore Lofts benefit from rents set with government assistance levels in mind, potentially 70% lower than the average market value. The passive housing efforts keeps utilities low, and the walkable nature of the area, along with easy access to public transportation, unburdens residents from personal vehicle dependency.

Completed in January 2022, 425 Lakeshore Rd was a decade in the making. A redeveloped commercial lot in the Port Credit district, the property was purchased by Indwell Community Homes, a Christian charity that has been providing affordable housing solutions across Canada. Funding came from the charity, the region of Peel, the province of Ontario and the greater Canadian government to create this mixed-use project.

Quite unique to this development, the team held several public meetings to solicit community input and involvement. The community collaborations continued throughout the design process as well. Furniture was built and designed by students in the craft and design program at Sheridan College, and in August 2022, three large public murals painted by David Anthony were unveiled. The scenes feature images iconic to the region of Peel, honoring music, fishing, and family.

Within this community, nestled next to Lake Ontario, with nearby small businesses, restaurants, and parks, this project has created an oasis for the disenfranchised.  A beautiful exterior with an even more beautiful purpose, Lakeshore Lofts provides accommodations that are affordable and inspirational, services that uplift and help create self-sufficiency. ALPOLIC is proud to be a part of this story.

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