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Limit access and enhance aesthetics with City Gate

Control access discreetly with the City Gate barrier system from ännT. Available in a number of configurations, City Gate complements any site while providing a dynamic and convenient traffic limiting solution.

Discreet and functional

Designed to blend in perfectly while improving the appearance of any locale. City Gate restricts access via a variety of optional sliding mechanisms which are fully wired, assembled, and tested for effectiveness prior to installation. Both unilateral and bilateral sliding barriers retract fully into the well-designed planters when not in use and flow out from the sides of the planter when needed, meaning City Gate is as beautiful as it is functional.

Endlessly configurable

Available in a number of different sizes and barrier orientations, City Gate can be configured to meet nearly all security and control needs. Available fixed planters are designed to complement barriers and create aesthetic harmony. City Gate is available in the following sizes and configurations:

  • Small single barrier (cm 160x67x90h) with 120 cm sliding barrier
  • Large single barrier (cm 235x67x90h) with 170 cm sliding barrier
  • Large double barrier (cm 235x67x90h) with two 170 cm sliding barriers
  • Small fixed (cm 67x67x90h)
  • Large fixed (cm 89x89x90h)

Given the modularity of City Gate, the above products can be combined endlessly for a tailor-made security solution.

Seamlessly integrating into any streetscape, City Gate is proof that an access-limiting barrier system does not have to stick out like a sore thumb. With countless variations designed with combination in mind, every site stands to benefit from the convenience of City Gate by ännT.

ännT is distributed in North America by Ontario Bollards–a global leader in asset protection for over 35 years. Learn more about City Gate by ännT: the future of discreet perimeter protection by visiting and scheduling a consultation with the experts at Ontario Bollards.

ännT distributed by Ontario Bollards,
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