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Italian-Designed Surface Line Now Available Through Industry Leader Formica Corporation

Formica Corporation is expanding its legacy of innovative and durable surfacing with a smart line of Italian-designed surfaces. The company recently announced it will market, manufacture and sell FENIX innovative materials for interior design to customers and designers in Canada.

FENIX are the innovative materials created for interior design by Arpa Industriale in 2013. They arise from the Italian design tradition, feature elegant colors and high-tech design, and the with Formica Corporation brings a new array of options for durable, sustainable commercial and residential interiors to the North American design market.

J0757 Bianco Dover 1.2mm J0724 Grigio Bromo 1.2mm

From Verde Commodoro to Bianco Alaska, the gorgeous, high-performance FENIX NTM® range brings technical and aesthetically pleasing design options to a range of interior spaces.

Timeless, smart, durable
With low light reflectivity, FENIX surfaces are extremely opaque, soft touch and anti-fingerprint. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible.

FENIX features are the result of a series of processes, including a multilayer coating and the use of next-generation acrylic resins that are hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process.

FENIX can be used for vertical or horizontal applications. It is ideal for retail, health care, hospitality, office and transportation applications, as well as industrial, kitchen and bath, or furniture designs.

J0751 Rosso Jaipur,J0029 Bianco Malé 12mm

In June 2019, Formica Corporation was acquired by Broadview Holding B.V., a Netherlands-based holding company with a leading position in the global market of surface materials, joining Arpa Industriale as a sister company.

For more information on FENIX® Innovative Materials, please visit or follow @formicagroup on your favorite social media channel.