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Investing In Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities Vastly Enhances Operations and Safety

Long term care (LTC) facilities have been faced with many challenges in providing care and companionship for its residents. As the number of people entering long term care homes continues to rise and extra safety precautions are put in place due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, LTC facilities are being pushed over the edge in sustaining their operations. Employees report feeling overworked and burnt out, many facilities are old and outdated, and residents as well as families of residents are reporting feeling unsatisfied with their experiences in LTC facilities.

One of the most important factors in the operation of LTC facilities is the space and the tangible environment. Many LTC facilities are old, tired looking, and outdated resulting in negative impacts on the performance of employees, the health and wellbeing of residents and the safety and accessibility of the space. Mark Buckshon of Ontario Construction News expresses that the COVID-19 pandemic has called for an overhaul of LTC facilities, as the standards of almost one-third of facilities are nearly 50 years outdated.

When LTC facilities work towards upgrading their space and layout, they must also consider cost, the amount of time it will take, maintaining energy standards, ambiance, adaptability and overall end-look result of the space.

When care is taken in the maintenence of the space and LTC’s continuously look for ways to improve their operations, the result includes happier and healthier residents and families, better and smoother working conditions for employees, more positive feedback (which leads to a higher ROI), and better accommodations and precautions for safety and security measures overall.

One of the best investments that can be made when choosing a redesign of an LTC facility is through the addition of glass partitions. Glass wall systems provide exceptional flexibility and adaptability to the existing structure of the facility allowing for a renovation that is both time and cost-effective, has a stunning ambiance that embodies a natural environment and improves both residents and employees’ merriment. Glass walls are also an excellent choice for safety and security in that they comply with most health and safety protocols.

A favourite choice amongst glass wall system design and manufacturing companies is Canada’s own PC350. PC350 is Canada’s lead provider of architectural glass wall systems and has been in the business of designing and manufacturing them for over 45 years. PC350 understands the importance of complying with the needs of a space and other project partners, while ensuring cost and time efficiency. Here are 4 important roles that glass walls provide for long term care facilities, and how PC350 can help.

  1. Glass Walls are the Time and Cost-Effective Choice for LTC’s

PC350 ensures that each wall design is accurately designed and developed to the custom needs of LTC facilities. There is minimal downtime to the overhauling of the space due to the quick turn-around time for the installation of glass walls. Since glass walls can be installed quickly, they benefit LTC facilities in securing a product that complies with the requirements of LTC’s, while remaining time and cost efficient.

  1. Utilize Natural Lighting to the Benefit of Your LTC Facility

Glass partition walls are the easiest way to maximize natural lighting in LTC facilities. The benefits of natural lighting are endless, including boosting the mood of both residents and employees resulting in better working and living conditions and saves energy limiting the use of light fixtures.

  1. Improve the Ambiance by Reducing Noise in your LTC Facility with Glass Walls

Glass Walls allow for an open environment while reducing loud distracting noise from the areas they divide. This improves the ambiance of your LTC environment for residents and residents families, providing a more serene and relaxing experience.

  1. Glass Walls are Adaptable to the Needs Of LTC Facilities and Adhere to Safety Needs

PC350 Glass Walls can be modelled, cut, and designed to match the exact needs and requirements of LTC facilities spaces. With a variety of swing and sliding door options that can be modified to fit the space and are made to comply with health and safety protocols, PC350 can work with you to create an elevated glass wall system that best supports the needs of all stakeholders and residents in LTC facilities.

PC350 can work with you in providing all the essential elements needed when modernizing and redeveloping LTC facilities. Your customs are our standards. For more information, visit