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Introducing Bodaq Interior Film

Bodaq Interior Film: An Innovative Product for Interior Design and Decoration is Gaining Popularity on the North American Market

Bodaq Interior Film is a self-adhesive stretchable high-quality finishing material brand manufactured by Hyundai L&C in South Korea used for refreshing various types of surfaces, both flat and curved. Being manufactured in a wide selection of patterns and textures that precisely imitate natural materials, Bodaq also serves as a great decorative instrument able to drastically revive and upgrade your interior.

With more than 450 patterns available in the catalog, Bodaq film is a great choice for interior designers; it is also an excellent decision for refreshing homes without life disruption; it is an option for office and commercial interiors managers to restyle their environments.

Bodaq Top 50 patterns

Bodaq is constantly improving and developing its designs and function to satisfy the needs of many. With its eco-friendly, high durable, and diverse pattern designs, Bodaq® Interior Film creates unique and luxurious spaces. Retaining various certifications, it can be used universally with trust.

Stretching marble

One of the most appealing features of the architectural film is its installation – there is no extensive preparation before the installation, no dust or dirt during installation, and also a reduced amount of waste.

Stretching capabilities of interior film

The architectural vinyl film is an excellent innovative solution for interior design needs. It can be used for the new space finishing or refinishing of an old place. The areas of application are broad and limited only by imagination. If you would like to implement modern trends in your design at a fraction of a price, renovate your space – commercial or residential, add value to your rental property, Bodaq Interior Film is the only solution you need.


Wood patterns of Bodaq Interior Film