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From Nature to the Next Interior Design Project with Bodaq

After the period of lockdowns which we spent at home, we all noticed the urge in nature – we lack the feeling of fresh air, wind, green leaves and grass. So we struggled with bringing more natural materials and colors to our homes, offices, commercial spaces. This tendency continues in 2021 and will likely develop further in 2022. So let’s take a closer look at the options available for you to bring nature home.


Colors: Nature Tones in Modern Design

Among all the colors and patterns in nature we see outside, deep rich tones are gaining more spread because they are more friendly to the human eye and mental state than bold brights. So pay attention to the following colors when decorating your home.


1. Deep blue, blue-grey, deep blue-casted turquoise – restful and reinvigorating, refreshing and inspiring. Deep Blue palette of Bodaq consists of SMT11 Deep Blue WatersS204 BlueberryS150 Classic Blue, and PTW07 Indigo Blue. Bodaq Shades of Grey palette includes: S198 Antique GreyPTW05 Silvermist Wood, and SMT06 Livid


Bodaq Blue Matte
Photo credit: Bodaq Interior Film
Bodaq Interior Film Shades of Grey Palette
Blue Collection of Bodaq Interior Film


2. Forest greens – greens found in the deepest parts of the forest are meant to heal our souls. Bodaq palette includes: S233 Forest Beauty and S202 Moss Green from the Solid Colors Collection, and SMT10 Sacramento Green from the Super Matte Collection.


Bodaq Interior Film Forest green palette
Sacramento green color in the interior
Sacramento green in the interior
Photo credit: Bobby Berk

3. Dried herbs  – calming muted tones of plants under the warm sun rays. Bodaq palette includes: S206 Purple AshSMT04 Dried Sage, and DM112 Bunny Tail Grass.


Dried Herbs palette of Bodaq Interior Film


4. Golden hour – colors at the beginning and at the end of the day when the light shines perfectly.


Bodaq Golden Hour Palette
Golden hour – when the light is perfect
Photo credit: Plain Magazine

5. Terracotta – rich redded clay color of kindred reminds us of the protective properties of the earth, grounding us and calming feelings.


Photo credit: Dyke & Dean

Together with colors that come from nature, home décor should give the feeling of calmness. It can be achieved with natural materials and return to the craftsmanship of handmade quality products.


Wood: Neuroaesthetics in Design

Textures that surround you have to give the feeling of being created in collaboration with nature. For instance, wood grains that you can feel with the tips of your fingers bring sensual satisfaction. If you do not feel like changing everything in your home to bring it to your life, there always are some alternative modern solutions.

Architectural films imitate natural surfaces so precisely that even a keen eye would not spot the difference between the natural wood and the wood film pattern. Wrap the office desk with the film and feel amazing wood grains every day, improving your health simultaneously because it is a well-known fact that visible wood grains can calm down and help with anxiety. The science of using natural feeling materials in interior design was discovered recently and is called biophilic design. With the new knowledge, you can improve one’s health with the design of a room.


Wood Inspiration - Bodaq Wood collection
Wood Collection

Black Wood Beauty

We decided to highlight the black wood texture separately because it unites two trends – wood grains combined with an earthy black. This texture looks gorgeous almost on any surface and helps finalize the interior, bringing together all the colors and textures.


Black Wood beauty Bodaq Interior Film


Fibers: More Sensational Surfaces

To add to the pleasant feeling of solid surfaces, you can use natural fibers to decorate the house. Cane, wine, bamboo, rattan, woven, willow – these affordable, durable, and environmentally sustainable materials are now good not only for your patio but in every room. Furthermore, natural fibers can be used not only in furniture pieces but also on other surfaces. Bodaq can help you with this as well.


Bodaq Natural Fibers

To Sum Up

The trend of bringing nature home is gaining more popularity these days. It is a great way to make the interior more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Warm earthy tones are also great for human vision, calming down after an intense and stressful workday, decreasing anxiety levels. Overall, having more natural materials, patterns, and textures at homes is beneficial for everyone.


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