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Form follows Function: Stone Finished Automatic Bollards from ännT

Featuring the same one-touch convenience and versatility that automatic bollards provide and the clean, natural aesthetics of stone, new Stone-Finished Automatic Bollards from ännT guarantee site security while seamlessly integrating into any streetscape.

Equal parts sculpture and security

Offered in a number of natural finishes ranging from rough gravel textures to sleek, polished bollards and optional etched finishes allowing for subtle, near-endless customization, stone-finished automatic bollards complement any environment while blending in seamlessly with natural settings. For those looking to protect a site without tarnishing appearances, stone-finished automatic bollards are an ideal solution.

Automatic convenience

Ultra-convenient without sacrificing resilience, stone-finished automatic bollards from ännT can be operated using a push button, RFID, keypad, key fob, or even a cell phone. Security demands can change at a moment’s notice, and stone-finished automatic bollards easily retract or deploy to grant access–or lock a site down–in a matter of seconds.

A stone-finished bollard for any purpose 

Security needs vary from site to site, and stone-finished automatic bollards from ännT are available in a variety of sizes and impact ratings. Choose from ännT’s range of stone-finished automatic bollards and combine products to maximize security while maintaining a consistent aesthetic.

  • 220mm Automatic Hydraulic
  • 275mm Automatic Hydraulic
  • 275mm Automatic Electro-Mechanical

Stone-finished automatic bollards are also available in K-rated anti-terrorism varieties providing the full functionality of an automatic bollard with the added resilience capable of withstanding vehicular impact at speed.

  • Automatic Electro-Mechanical K4 Certified
  • Automatic Electro-Mechanical K12 Certified

ännT bollards are the pixels of a modern streetscape: always there, but rarely seen. Perfectly balancing form and function, stone-finished automatic bollards from ännT are a clear choice for architects looking to enhance security, convenience, and aesthetics with a single solution.

As the North American distributor of the ännT product range, Ontario Bollards shares ännT’s commitment to quality and dedication to service. Explore the full array of ännT stone-finished automatic bollards, and schedule a consultation with Ontario Bollards by visiting https://anntbollards.com/


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