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Expectations are going to be high for an office that is safe and compelling when planning to bring employees back to the workplace

With vaccine rollouts in full swing, the distant possibility of employees returning to the workplace is now closer than ever.

While working from home has been appreciated by some, for many it has been a burden. Employees report feeling burnt out and socially isolated, while continuously struggling to find a suitable work-life balance. Without face-to-face human interaction, many employees feel disconnected from their colleagues and workplace leading to high anxiety levels. With talks underway about how to transition employees back into the workplace, new levels of stress and anxiety have begun to emerge.

The priority of allowing employees to maintain a sufficient work-life balance while working at home has quickly transitioned into determining what safety measures will need to be put in place in order to make employees feel comfortable and safe when returning to the workplace. Without prioritizing the health and well-being of their employees, employers may find that the resulting stress is harmful to the satisfaction and success of the entire team. Due to the potential demoralizing effects working from home had on employees, it is highly critical to boost employee morale as they return to the workplace, ensuring that everyone feels safe and motivated at the office.

One of the best ways to increase employee motivation is by encouraging collaboration within the workplace. Interaction and collaboration amongst employees will allow the creative flow of ideas, while also positively driving employees and improving their quality of life. Office and workspace design is key in maintaining employees’ connection and comfort, especially with concerns surrounding how employers will work towards ensuring their employees’ health and safety when returning to the office. Having an environment that is adapted to accommodate employee needs will assist in maintaining employee comfort levels, while improving their satisfaction and productivity. It is important to consider how an employer will balance employees’ need for social interaction and collaboration alongside safety concerns, to ensure a smooth transition back into office.

When considering potential updates to a workspace environment, it is important to keep your employees in the loop and include them in the decision making process.  Start by emphasizing what you will do to maintain the balance between creating a safe, welcoming environment and maintaining productivity levels.  The workplace might need to change significantly in order to accommodate the current needs. With many employees spending a few days a week working remotely, some vaccinated and some not, you may want to reimagine how your office space is reconfigured in order to make the most of your time together as a team.

One of the most effective office design solutions to encourage collaboration and boost morale, while maintaining the health and safety of employees, is through glass partitions. Glass wall systems provide the benefits of an open-concept style workspace and accommodate the need for visible human interaction, while keeping health and safety in mind. These systems keep employees adequately distanced and comfortable within the office, while encouraging a cooperative team environment. Safely distanced and joint workspaces facilitate better focus on tasks and highlight the benefits of diverse team perspectives that are not always effectively communicated through a screen at home.

PC350’s story began in 1973, providing durable, high quality, and elegantly designed customized glass wall systems to the corporate interior world. PC350 believes in challenging the status quo and thinking differently, which is a must during these times of uncertainty. With employers looking for ways to best accommodate their employees in the shortest amount of time possible, PC350 products are not only a beautifully designed solution, but are also quick and simple to install.

PC350 offers a simplistic approach by providing glass wall and door systems for a variety of designs and aesthetics, with unparalleled lead times. Integrating easily with conventional construction is an understatement, not only for standard orders but also for additions and unforeseen changes during construction.

PC350 offers 3 unique solutions, including the Elite Swing Door System that provides adaptable self-supporting glass walls, the SRTTM In-Line Sliding Door System with self-supporting glass doors and the SRTTM Barn Door System that saves space with its “Slide Right Technology”.  All PC350 solutions are custom designed and manufactured in-house, providing optimal aesthetics that function and best adapt to the needs of your employees and the corporate interior environment.

PC350 is aware of how absolutely critical it is to ensure the mental health and well-being of employees in the workplace. It is critical that we all work together to ensure a safe return back to the office. PC350’s role is to create glass wall systems to address the challenges that employers face when designing their spaces to best accommodate their employees’ needs, as well as to provide solutions for the effective function and productivity of the entire team. PC350 works with its partners and designers to ensure all health and safety protocols are met when creating plans and designing spaces to keep everyone safe.

For more information on how PC350 works with employers during the transition back to the workplace, please visit