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Design Project Risk is Complex – Get Practical Tools to Protect Your Project and Your Reputation

The “business” of project design is not fun, and it involves dealing with legal risk. Join legal and industry experts to develop the practical skills and knowledge you need to manage crucial legal risks and maximize success on your next project.

Legal risk lurks on every project. If unmanaged, it can have damaging results – both financially and professionally.

The “business” of project design involves managing complex legal risk and contract documents that can feel overwhelming. Prime yourself for success with OsgoodePD’s Legal Risk Management for Design Professionals programs.

Developed by a select group of industry leaders and legal advisors specifically for architects, engineers and contract administrators, these curated programs will provide you with practical information, tools and strategies you need to minimize your exposure, protect your professional reputation and maximize your business success.

Choose to register for one or both days to build your desired knowledge and skillset.

Day One: The Essentials
  • Critical overview of the “business” side of your design practice in current market conditions and why legal risk management is essential to success
  • Comprehending important contract law principles and how to assess risk allocation/transfer in modern design services contracts
  • Tools for managing higher contractual risk issues including indemnities, liability for delay, value engineering, fast track design and design coordination/integration
  • Strategies for evaluating the client’s commercial concerns in the professional relationship, negotiating sensible contract terms and assessing when to walk away
Day Two: Advanced and Emerging Topics
  • Complete a contract risk assessment to elevate your abilities to identify and allocate risk, and get valuable takeaways including sample clauses
  • Early warning signs for potential disputes and claims and tips for working effectively with your insurer
  • Strategies for managing risks and opportunities which are unique to the design professional in respect of liens, prompt payment and adjudication regimes
  • The Contract Administrator function – techniques for dealing with the significant risk involving the design professional’s other role in the project
  • Tactics for dealing with particularly troublesome situations including scope creep, additional services, suspension of work, termination of contract and dispute management

Single day registration is available, or you can take advantage of special bundle pricing when registering for both days. A comprehensive agenda is now available. Financial assistance and group discounts are available.

To learn more, please visit the Osgoode Professional Development website.