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Creative Design with PAC-CLAD Precision Series Tiles

PAC-CLAD Precision Series Tiles from Petersen provide a flexible, creative design alternative to roll-formed panel-style cladding.

NISD Aquatic Center, Dallas, Tex.; Photographer: alanblakely.com

The PAC-CLAD Precision Series Tiles collection features three metal tile profiles – Cupped, Flat and Diamond  – that offer designers, specifiers and installers an alternative to roll-formed panel-style cladding.

Cupped Tile
Flat Tile
Diamond Tile






The stamped tiles can be applied to roof or wall installations, adding dimension to the exterior of any structure. Tiles are well-suited to commercial and residential environments and covered by the PAC-CLAD 30-year non-prorated finish warranty.

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine; Photographer: hortonphotoinc.com

The PAC-CLAD Precision Series Tile System uses interlocking tiles formed using progressive tooling to create a uniform and cost-effective cladding solution. This system installs directly over plywood or elevated channels using concealed fasteners. No sealant is required for the tiles’ breathable joints. Thermal gain and movement is not an issue, as the small size of each tile means movement will be minimal. Only basic sheet metal tools are required to work with these products. A minimum slope of 3:12 is needed for roof applications.

Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport; Photographer: bergphoto.com
Private Residence, Pennsylvania; Photographer: hortonphotoinc.com
Durable, Lasting Colour

PAC-CLAD finishes are available in 46 standard colours. All finishes are Fluropon® 70% PVDF coatings made with Kynar 500® resin, and are backed with a 30-year warranty against chipping, chalking, peeling and fading. Most colours meet LEED and Cool Roof Rating Council certification requirements.

About PAC-CLAD | Petersen

Petersen manufactures PAC-CLAD metal cladding products in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. PAC-CLAD products include standing-seam roof panels, hidden- and exposed-fastener wall panels, flush panels, soffit panels, perforated metal, fascia and coping systems, composite panels, column covers, coil and flat sheet. Founded in 1965, Petersen’s facilities are located in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Minnesota and Arizona.

For more information, visit PAC-CLAD.com, call 800-PAC-CLAD or email [email protected].