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Completely touchless WashBar® and WashBar® Duo eliminate germ cross-contamination

Address the growing demand for touch-free hand washing with Bradley’s all-in-one touch-free WashBar® hand washing series. Designed with reliable clean+rinse+dry smart sensor technology – and a new option, WashBar® Duo, offering hand-free soap+water – the WashBar eliminates touchpoints to reduce germ contamination and improve washroom cleanliness.

For all WashBar models, LED lighting and icons on top of the chrome-plated metal fixture help to visually orient the user through effortless hand washing.

The soap, faucet and dryer functions will not accidentally activate a neighboring function so there are no soap “misfires” left in the basin. The dryer and bowl of the WashBar are engineered to work together to eliminate water dripping onto the user, walls or floor. Further, its auto rinse feature clears the lines if not activated for 24 hours.

The WashBar features an efficient one-gallon soap container that uses either liquid or foam soap and requires fewer refills. When the low-level LED indicator illuminates, the soap container is simply replaced with a new full container. Water is dispensed at 0.5 GPM or, when water conservation is a necessity, 0.35 GPM may be specified. Its adjustable-speed hand dryer is 96% less expensive than paper towels.

The WashBar’s streamlined design eliminates the cluttered look of three separate washing components, promoting efficient and flexible washroom design.

WashBar Duo offers innovative soap + water option
For washroom applications requiring only soap and water, Bradley introduces its new WashBar® Duo. The perfect solution if a facility already has a contract for paper towels or when there’s another preference for hand drying, WashBar Duo offers touchless technology, convenience, functionality and aesthetics.

The WashBar Duo is available with two attractive basin options that are durable, sustainable, non-porous, and easy to clean and maintain. Designers may choose from the Verge LVA basin made with Bradley’s exclusive Evero® Natural Quartz Material, or the OmniDeck™ 3010, which incorporates individual bowls creating personal space for users and are made of Terreon® and TerreonRE® recycled solid surface materials. Both Terreon and Evero have achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification. The Duo may also be ordered as a stand-alone fixture to use with bowls by others.

In all, Bradley’s complete line of all-in-one WashBar models provide a hygienic, clean and intuitive hand washing experience.