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Ceramic trends 2020

Cevisama, the most international ceramic trade fair held in Spain, brings together each year the main brands in the Spanish tile sector. Ceramic, compared to other less durable, more limited or unsustainable options is still the ideal material because it has its own language that adapts to any medium, is healthy, hygienic and very durable. Backed by its tradition, quality and design, it offers infinite solutions from its greatest constructive interpretations to the smallest ornamental details.

During the fair, the Institute of Ceramic Technology (and the Observatory of Trends in Habitat) presented its Trends Report 2020/2021 with the main trends that will mark design, decoration and interior design.

You can download the images in high resolution from:

Au naturel

This trend is a tribute to the initial origins of ceramic tiles, celebrating their natural beauty and other qualities without relinquishing any of their functionality. Ceramic tiles inspired by clay, wood, stone and metal reveal their most naked, sometimes organic charms.


Equipe, Matelier (7,5×15cm) –  Porcelanosa, Tanzania Almond (59,6x 59,6cm)

Azuliber, Metal-Solid (65x65cm)  – Arcana Cerámica, Stracciatella (80×80 cm)


This trend is based on a search for visual simplicity. It places special emphasis on warmth, soft soothing colours, tactile effects, and matt or porous finishes. These are tiles with an emotional influence, designed to act as natural tranquillizers.  

Azulejos Alcor, Artic (32,77x100cm) – Harmony, Bow (15×45 cm)

Keraben, Rue de París (40 x 120 cm) – Oneker, Zante y Tropic (59 x 59 cm).


This trend is inspired by the designs, architecture and craftwork of yesteryear, in new updated versions of bygone designs, without relinquishing any of their quintessential charm.

Apavisa, Zinc (23,44 x 49,97 cm)               Bestile, Legno (20 x 120 cm)

Mayolica, Artwood  (20x20cm)         Realonda, Rhombus+Hex (26,5x51cm)

Ethic luxury
Luxury sophistication has evolved, with new looks no longer associated with mere frivolity. These ceramic tiles feature differing effects, from an abundance of veined patterns to strongly contrasting shades, glossy and matt finishes, dark shot effects, and misty or blurred surfaces.

Azteca, Bay (60x120cm)                  Azulejos Benadresa, Gallery (260x120cm)


Baldocer, Nexside (260x120cm)               Colorker, Mistery (75,5x151cm)

You can download the images in high resolution at: