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Biggest is Best: Safti First Announces New Largest Tested and Listed Sizes for Fire Resistive Glazing with Butt-Glazed Wall Capabilities

SAFTI FIRST®, leading USA-manufacturer of advanced fire rated glass and framing systems, is pleased to offer new, larger sizes for its advanced fire resistive glazing products.  SuperLite® II-XLB 60 has successfully passed ASTM E-119/UL 263/ULC S101 testing and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with a maximum clear view area of 10,000 sq. inches (125 inch maximum clear view width or height) in both fully captured and butt-glazed wall applications.  This makes SuperLite® II-XLB 60 the largest fire resistive glazing product available in the market today.

SuperLite® II-XLB 60 from SAFTI FIRST®

In addition, SAFTI FIRST®’s 2 hour fire resistive SuperLite® II-XLB 120, also with butt-glazed wall capabilities, is the largest 2 hour fire resistive glazing product available today with a maximum clear view area of 7,980 sq. inches (133 inch clear view height or width).

“As a USA-manufacturer, we are committed to bringing innovative products that meet the demands of the architectural community, such as maximum transparency, design flexibility and safety” says William O’Keeffe, President & CEO of SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions. “One of the ways that goal is being met is by having the largest tested and listed sizes available.  We have several innovative products that we plan on bringing to market, each addressing a demand or need that we see in the industry today. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!”

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SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions ( has been serving the architectural and building communities and is the recognized leader in manufacturing fire rated glass and framing for over 35 years. As the premier source for fire rated glazing, SAFTI FIRST® was the first to introduce transparent fire rated walls to the U.S. market. Our comprehensive product line, fire rated from 20 minutes to 3 hours, includes fire resistive tempered units (SuperLite® II-XL and SuperLite® II-XLB), fire resistive multilaminates (SuperLite® II-XLM), fire resistive security glazing (SuperSecure® II-XLS), patent-pending clear specialty fire protective glass (patent-pending SuperClear® 45-HS and SuperClear® 45-HS-LI), specialty tempered glass (SuperLite® I and I-XL), safety ceramics (PYRAN Platinum F and L by SAFTI FIRST®) and specialty fire protective (SuperLite® X-45/60/90). Our fire rated glazing products can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays, and are available in many custom architectural make-ups, including butt-glazed and enhanced energy performance applications. GPX® Framing is fire rated up to 2 hours and can be used in doors, openings, storefronts, curtain wall and floor applications and available in multiple architectural finishes. GPX® Framing can also be customized protect against attack, impact, bullets, blast and hurricane. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. for fast lead times. For more information, call 888.653.3333.