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Bertazzoni Column built-in refrigerators — the key to seamless kitchen design

Single purpose, built-in refrigeration units make kitchens a pleasure to use and behold. Flowing in an uninterrupted line with surrounding cabinetry and walls, column refrigerators are literally integral to today’s sleekest kitchen designs.

And that’s not only due to their high-end aesthetic appeal. They also offer unparalleled efficiency and ease of use. With the almost limitless variety of ways that they can be configured, column fridges enhance smooth movement in kitchen layouts, as well as high-end sophistication.

Visual and ergonomic flow

The range of dimensions single-use column units come in — including counter-depth models as well as 18-, 30- and 36-inch models — means that column refrigerators, wine coolers and freezers will line-up with the surrounding cabinetry in just about any kitchen. That, combined with their stainless-steel fronts and panel-ready doors, produces the deluxe, perfectly seamless look treasured by designers and homeowners.

Column units deliver big time on a purely ergonomic level, too. When a kitchen is equipped with refrigeration units that are just the right size for your lifestyle, it’s easier to see and access produce. Single purpose column fridges, freezers and wine coolers can be set in at whatever height and in whatever arrangement — side by side, one over the other, one on either side of your kitchen — best suits your kitchen layout and routines.

For example, a column fridge at counter height across from a tabletop reduces the amount of lifting and bending when unloading groceries. A column wine cooler and refrigerator set on either side of a butler’s pantry or beverage centre makes meal preparation more efficient. Or a wine cooler can be placed closer to a dining room or lounging area, next to wine glasses and cocktail fixings, while a freezer unit may go in a corner, apart from the hustle and bustle of meal preparation.

High-end engineering

Known for their masterful appliance designs and craftsmanship, Bertazzoni has integrated high-end engineering features into their column units. The results are functions that are pleasingly efficient.

  • Excellent efficiency 

All Bertazzoni column units use lateral air circulation to maintain even distribution of cool air and consistent temperatures even when doors are opened repeatedly. That means they keep foods fresher, longer — reducing grocery store trips as well as food waste.

  • Ultra-smooth door hinges 

Thanks to their lift-and-swing hinges, Bertazzoni column doors feel light-as-a-feather when they’re opened and shut. Their great range of movement is pleasingly smooth.

  • The most usable interior space 

To create more useful space, Bertazzoni engineers mounted the fridge evaporators in their column units at the side rather than in the back. As a result, these models have the most usable space of any front-to-back, built-in, bottom mount refrigerator on the market.


Bertazzoni column fridges maintain consistent, even cool temperatures with lateral airflow engineering. This creates a cold air curtain that prevents cold air from escaping — no matter how often the door is opened. A variable speed compressor guarantees accurate temperature control and energy efficiency. The super user-friendly touch and scroll screen on these units displays a menu of custom settings. These precision controls make it easy to keep food at just the right temperature. To provide a sanitized food storage environment without any of the unpleasant odors produced by plastic parts, the interior of Bertazzoni’s column refrigerators are made entirely from aluminium and glass.


Lateral air circulation and a No-Frost cooling system maintain a consistent, evenly distributed temperature in these freezers at all times. So even when a freezer door is opened and closed repeatedly, the interior set temperature is constant. And the user-friendly LCD screen with intuitive temperature controls makes it easy to monitor and adjust freezer functions.

Equipped with settings that customize ice cube sizes and a water filtration system that keeps ice perfectly clear and free of any stale odors, these freezers are also a friend to anyone who enjoys frosty cold beverages. When parties or hot summer weather call for a constant supply of ice, the Super Ice Function increases ice cube production by 50% to keep up with demand.


These units offer dual temperature zones to keep bottles of both red and white at just the right temperature. Consistent temperatures and low, medium and high humidity controls maintain perfect conditions to protect your bottles — even when the unit is filled from top to bottom. The tinted triple glass UV protected doors on these wine cellars prevent any light damage from spoiling your bottles, and the vibration damping system on their compressors stop sediment in bottles from being disturbed. An ageing function keeps special bottles at the exact temperature and humidity level they require as they mature.

High-impact style to match all that high performance

Offered in a tantalizing range of colours and finishes, Bertazzoni’s column refrigerators can be installed with a choice of handles. Between the glossy, bright hues of the Professional series, the sophisticated matt and stainless-steel finishes of the Master series, and the iconic Heritage series, there’s a beautiful selection to choose from.

With all these options and the almost limitless number of ways these units can be combined and arranged, Bertazzoni’s column refrigerators are the ideal answer for 21st century kitchen layouts.

See fridge, freezer and wine columns that would be just right for your lifestyle!