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Beautiful Architectural Scale Model of Windsor Masonic Temple (from Global 3D Arts)

Learn about the process Global 3D Arts employed in creating beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple Scale Models, and where you can acquire one!

Square & Compass Promotions is proud to present Windsor Masonic Temple scale models (perfect for Holiday Villages, train-sets, and more).

Global 3D Arts created these models, using the original Windsor Masonic Temple architectural designs and pictures provided by Square & Compass Promotions. The resulting image below eventually became the model.

Sketch Picture Windsor Masonic Temple
Sketch Picture Windsor Masonic Temple

These architectural models are beautiful, and Square & Compass was proud to discuss the process of creating these models directly with Global 3D Arts .

Square & Compass also discussed the specific challenges faced in creating the model.

The discussion is also available via PodBean.

You can also find the discussion and related content on the Square & Compass Website!

If you want a scale-model Windsor Masonic Temple, head to the Square & Compass Patreon Page! Supporting the Square & Compass Patreon Page will allow us to continue producing content related to archaeology, interior design, history, and freemasonry.

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Global 3D Arts reported this is the first Masonic Temple model it created-hopefully not the last!