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At-Home Office Essentials

With a changing world, Sugatsune Canada Inc. has got you covered for the hardware you will need in your home office!

At-Home Office Essentials

From utility hooks to foldable brackets 

With the events that happened in the past couple of years, how we view our home has changed greatly. Working from home has been a norm for most and finding hardware that is functional and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge. Fortunately, Sugatsune has hardware that can fit both your needs and your home décor.
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EB Bracket series

The EB folding bracket can help you create a desk that you can simply put away after a work-day or simply to add an extension to your existing desk.
Made of 304 stainless steel, this folding bracket is offered in various lengths and weight capacities. The EB-317/EP, the biggest bracket of the series, has a central load capacity of 200kg (440 lbs.). The EB-303/EP-D is now available with a built-in damper.

The Lever Release series is the newest addition to the collection. It allows for an easy usage for large workstations and table tops, where 2 or more folding brackets would be used. It allows the user to unlock multiple brackets using only one hand at the same time while keeping the brackets’ locking feature.

*Black finish for all sizes soon available.

Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems 

Fastmount systems have quickly become an easy way of installing interior panels. With various ranges of clips, the applications can vary from wall paneling to give some style and texture to a room, to panel control clips to provide additional security and easy access to ceiling panels that require to be accessed frequently.

The “profile” of each clip refers to the thickness of the substrate and panel:

  • Standard Profile Clip: caters to a wide variety of installations and can be used for both wall and ceiling panels where the substrate is 9/16″ or thicker.
  • Low Profile Clip: caters to various wall panel applications where the substrate is 3/8″ or thicker.
  • Very Low-Profile Clip: caters to lightweight wall panels and custom furniture fittings.


    Sugatsune offers a wide range of decorative and functional hooks. Ranging from unique designs that allow a hook to double as a pull to hooks that have a load capacity of 33 lbs for heavier items like heavy backpacks or computer bags.

2H series

Made of 304 stainless steel, and available in a satin finish. Its unique design allows this hook to double as a pull when rotate. Additionally, you may hang a phone or laptop charger so it is out of the way.

The 2H-20 & 2H-30 have a load capacity of 10 kg (22 lbs).
The 2H-40 & 2H-50 have a load capacity of 6 kg (13.2 lbs).

PXB-BN05 series

Made of brass, the rounded endpoints promote a safe design and lower the risk of accidental injuries. Offered in 5 finishes to coordinate with your classical and contemporary style.

The PXB-BN05-211 has a load capacity of 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs).
The PXB-BN05-231 has a load capcity of 15 kg (33 lbs).

PXB-WM05 series

The PXB-WM05 series was designed for visual appeal with the contrast of the warm wood and the linear edges of the metal. This contemporary hook brings some warmth to an at-home office and is offered in 3 finishes.

The PXB-WM05 has a load capacity of 10 kg (~22 lbs).


With a contemporary look, this magnetic hook can be used on a white board to keep notes in place. With a silicone rubber covering the magnet, the board or wall will not get scratched.

The MJ-30 has a load capacity of 1 kg (~2.2 lbs).

Touch Latches

The ML series of magnetic touch latches has a wide range of sizes to accommodate any door. Moreover, these touch latches eliminate the need for handles or knobs for a clean and sleek look.

The models ML-30S and ML-30W are suitable for smaller cabinet doors, whereas model ML-ZN80* is ideal for large doors with its 11 lbs push force. Model ML-120 is ideal for medium sized doors with its long stroke.

*The ML-ZN80 is ideal to be used with 3-way adjustable concealed hinges HES3D-E190.