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Altex Launches Industry’s Most Advanced Manual Shade System

With the new Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system, Altex has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence and innovation.

When it comes to expertly designed spaces, details make all the difference. Whether at home or in the office, you have to look at and manipulate your window coverings multiple times a day. That’s why it’s crucial to have a window shade system that is both effortless and attractive.

No one understands this better than Altex, a Québec company that has provided residential, commercial and architectural customers with world-class window products since 1975. And their latest innovation is no exception.

The Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system fully reimagines both the look and feel of non-motorized shade lifts, taking this technology to the next level. Learn more about the world’s most elegant and state-of-the-art solution below and mark your calendars for May 2022!


Altex’s brand new system is made with exclusive patented technology to maximize lift and minimize effort. The Newton High-Speed Light Lift System harnesses the power of precision and cutting-edge mechanics to create the most easy-to-use manual shades on the market.

The customer-centric company wanted to give users choice and flexibility. They designed a completely silent system, featuring both multi-directional wands and a handy bottom bar for seamless raising and lowering.

The sturdy bar is durable enough to stand up to frequent use, with no risk of damage. Both the wands and the bar allow you to adjust your window covering to the exact right position and guarantee it stays there. The innovative, intuitive approach makes even the largest shades safe and straightforward to handle.


If Altex is a technological pioneer, they also know how to keep design at the forefront. In the Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system, every last detail was carefully considered. This master of disguise lift technology will be incorporated into a wide range of Altex products suited to different shades and spaces. There are no visible cords or chains, which makes it both a safe and sleek option for apartments and commercial spaces.

Those who are especially fans of all things clean and contemporary can even opt for the add-on that holds the magnetic wands in place.

A well-chosen window covering can transform a room in understated or overt ways. The Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system gives you the option. It will be integrated into a range of Altex’s residential and architectural products, making it well-suited to any person and any project.


Altex believes that sophisticated technology can be simple to install. Each and every shade is calibrated at their plant, meaning no adjustments are necessary. Thanks to their user-friendly alignment guide and bracket system, you can set up your shades stress-free.

That said, Altex also offers personalized support and installation for every single product throughout Canada.

If you want to upgrade your windows and incorporate the Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system into a future project, or have questions about any other Altex products, get in touch with their expert team!