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A Roof Crossover Closes the Gap Between Two Flat Roof Buildings

Do not discover safety by accident.

It is not uncommon to find two buildings adjacent to one another, separated by a few feet, and owned by the same company or building owner. Sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to grow our building footprint on the current land we own, but instead purchase the adjacent building to allow for further growth. This gap in building elevations can also occur when your flat roof has various elevations, creating a fall hazard when travelling from each rooftop.

Flat Commercial Rooftops

This telecommunications company has two offices adjacent to one another in Saskatchewan. Accessing both rooftops for maintenance became time-consuming as personnel were required to climb up via the Skyline roof access ladder to review one of the rooftops. While descending and climbing the adjacent rooftop for further maintenance. The company recognized that joining the two roof levels with a stair and walkway system would provide a quicker and safer means of accessing both roofs. This would ultimately reduce time and related labour costs when looking to maintain the rooftops


Rooftop Crossover & Bridge System

After a virtual review of the flat roof, Skyline Group recommended a customized crossover system to close the gap between the two rooftops. The system would include a welded aluminum walkway with aluminum guardrails to ensure a safe and compliant roof walkway, while including a toe board to reduce the risk of tools rolling off the walkway.

Why A Penetrating Crossover & Bridge System

Both penetrating and non-penetrating crossover systems will keep roof workers safe while travelling from one rooftop to the next. And are considered compliant with all height safety standards. Our modular aluminum fixed crossover solution was the preferred choice, due to the following:

  • The flexible design of the supports allowed for multiple options when mounting to the roof. Due to the large span, this crossover was fixed to raised curbs for added strength and durability.
  • Its lightweight modular design brought various advantages, such as;
    • Easy and quick installation (no welding required on-site).
    • Pre-set railing and rung heights to ensure safety compliance during installation.
    • Compared to a welded solution, this system was flat-packed and easy to transport to the roof.
    • Its design allowed for flexibility, integrating a toe board for increased safety.
  • Its aluminum construction is non-corrosive, ensuring extended longevity and very little maintenance.
  • The aluminum-grated walkway created a grippy surface year-round, minimizing the build-up of snow, ice, and debris.
  • No painting or galvanizing is required for an aluminum solution, resulting in a shorter lead time and minimal required maintenance.
  • The lightweight aluminum structure required less time to transport and install on-site, reducing the project’s overall cost.

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