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A January survey to establish an important benchmark. For employees and job-seekers.

If you are employed by or seeking employment in an architecture, interior design, or consulting engineering firm, this survey is for you.

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If you are employed by or seeking employment in an architecture, interior design, or consulting engineering firm in Canada, this survey is for you.

Average completion time is about ten minutes.

It is for you because it aims to provide a benchmark for the Canadian workplace culture, reflecting diversity, inclusion, and leadership, and measuring employment equity. Employers and interested parties can sign up to access the key findings.

Many organizations and companies have announced commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Change, whether individual, interpersonal, organizational, or systemic, needs a benchmark of where we are now before deciding what change is necessary or priority. A benchmark should be in place before establishing accountability or investing in training and development. It start with understanding what will effectively serve their change objectives and people.

This project is developed with input from practicing professionals, researchers, and workplace equity and diversity consultants.

This purpose of this advertisement is to include you.


At the time of writing this post, the survey does not have many responses from Québec (Disponible en français) or the Territories, and would benefit from more responses from people 45 years of age or older.

A report of key findings will be made publicly available once complete. Participants in the survey will benefit from three educational webinars that include findings from the survey, to support their individual efforts and leadership.

The information will be used to inform Framework Leadership’s industry-focused services and industry-serving resources.

It will also be used to support equity-establishing groups, equitably. They are true leaders in this and have been doing the work of building community and contributing to equity for several years, often on top of their full-time jobs.

Data is securely stored in Canada and will only be reported in aggregate form. Individual people and companies will not be identified; this is anonymous.


Framework Leadership

Framework Leadership is a leadership development company that serves professional services companies that genuinely care about and invest in fostering inclusive workplace cultures and establishing employment equity.

Framework is led by Russell Pollard, an independent consultant and frequent speaker for industry-serving events and organizations. He works in partnership with other consultants and professionals to ensure services match the needs of organizations and their people, and contribute to effective leadership.

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