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5 Ways to Create More Engaging Visuals and Improve Design Workflows

The past few years have challenged architects and designers to develop new ways of working and sharing their designs. Many of them have turned to visualization technology.

Enscape, a leading provider of real-time visualization, 3D rendering, and virtual reality technology, has seen a 50 percent annual growth despite the pandemic, showing designers have realized the value and potential of integrating new technology into their workflows.

Design Beyond Boundaries with Enscape 3.3

“With today’s release, we’ve automated some processes so designers can spend more time making the right decisions and less time gathering the data needed to do it. We will also continue to improve our core visualization and sharing platforms based on community feedback,” says Petr Mitev, VP Visualization Product Group at Enscape.

What can architects and designers expect from Enscape’s updated application? Read on for key features to look for.

Add Accurate Backgrounds to Your Design Scenes with Site Context

Enscape Site Context

Import the project’s surroundings into renderings using data from global geographic database OpenStreetMap. Simply enter an address or coordinates and then choose to import all surroundings, or select to import buildings and landmarks, streets and sidewalks, or topography.

Work Where You Want with Enscape Always on Top

Pin Enscape Window

Stop flipping back and forth; it’s now possible to pin Enscape’s rendering window on top of your modeling window giving you easy access to view real-time changes even if you’re not using two screens.

Get More from the Material Library

Educational Assets

New high-quality education-themed assets and materials are now available and include classroom furniture, toys, musical instruments, playground equipment, acoustic panels, and more.

They may be classified under Education; however, these assets and materials can be used in other corporate, hospitality, and residential projects. Not to mention, The Enscape Material Library has also been expanded with new assets including wallpapers and various carpets.

Render Better Images with Alpha Channel Export

Alpha Channel Transparent aground

Now, Enscape users can render an image with a transparent background. That means you can easily and quickly combine the 3D geometry with any style of clouds, sky, or Enscape horizon. This cuts down on the time and effort needed in post-processing while creating compelling images with suitable backgrounds.

Reflection Perfection

Transparent Materials in Relections

Improve visualization of rendered glass and water surfaces thanks to transparent materials appearing in reflections. The use of a graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, such as NVIDIA RTX series ad AMD RX6xxx series, is required. 

It’s Here: Enscape for SketchUp 2022

Those who use the latest version of SketchUp can now seamlessly use Enscape!

“I have found that Enscape’s real-time engine creates a memorable impression with our clients. Clients and designers will have the ability to make decisions in meetings quickly with a fully immersive virtual reality experience.” – Joe Tubb, Senior 3D Visualization Specialist, ASD|SKY

Additional Notable Updates

Besides these new hero features that create a unified, collaborative experience for designers and stakeholders, a number of other updates have been introduced to Enscape 3.3. You can see them at:

If you are just starting to explore ways technology can help you visualize throughout the design process, take a look at this blog: 4 Ways Interior Designers Can Utilize Technology in 2022.

Experience real-time visualization firsthand. Get a 14-day free trial of Enscape 3.3.