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150 years of KOHLER legacy

Since its establishment in 1873, KOHLER has dedicated its time to forging a legacy and setting industry standards. Over the past 150 years, everything we have done connects back to our brand ethos and mission of gracious living – charming design and tasteful functional considerations with a touch of sophisticated leisure.

Driven by the passion of over 40,000 global employees and millions of satisfied customers, we continue to focus on crafting an all-encompassing selection of home kitchen and bath fixtures – a mirrored reflection of world-class luxury and hospitality experiences. Each collection is a testament to high quality and timeless style and design.

Standing behind our belief that a better business and a better world go hand in hand, we are committed to manufacturing products today with a vision for tomorrow. How do we do this? We consider the current and future environment with top-of-the-line energy resilience that begins internally at our offices and cascades into the homes of each of our customers.

To commemorate our history, we sorted through the archives and are proud to announce that we are bringing 2 heritage colours back. As voted by you, Peachblow and Spring Green will be part of a limited-edition product release later this year. But we are hardly done. We graciously thank you for choosing KOHLER and we look forward to an innovative future with our customers.



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